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    Princess Nyxlygsptlnz, also known as Nyxly, was the former princess of the Fifth Dimension and later a prisoner in the Phantom Zone. Nyxly is also the daughter of Brpxz and the sister of Bryxly.

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    Early Life[edit | hide]

    Nyxly was born to the Mad King Brpxz and the younger sister of Bryxly. At some point, Nyxly also met Mxyzptlk, whom she considered as a "wild card"[1]

    In her 10th year, Nyxly developed a crush on Mxyzptlk's cousin, Duke Nzykmlk.[3]

    Banished to the Phantom Zone[edit | hide]

    Nyxly and Bryxly
    Not all fathers send you away to save your life. Some do it because they're...paranoid narcissists, threatened by anyone who might take their power.
    — Nyxly on her father[src]

    Nyxly was later banished to the Phantom Zone in the early 1700s after attempting to unseat her father with a pair of magic shackles that nullifies her powers after Mxyzptlk's trial against her. She then spent years in the Phantom Zone fighting Phantoms and studied the zone.[1][4]

    After the Phantom Zone was fractured, Nyxly started having fake memory flashes of her past.[1]

    Meeting Supergirl[edit | hide]

    Months later, Nyxly witnessed Kara Zor-El and Zor-El's capture by Scar. She then lied about the Phantoms approaching and how they fought the White Martians, scaring Scar's group to flee. She then took Kara to her cave and told her about how the bandits are going to sacrifice Zor-El to a creature in Shadow Lake. Kara then revealed her story with Nyxly.[1]

    Later, Kara attempted to go to save her father alone. However, her leg injury stopped her and Nyxly told her about her own story, and how her brother was killed by his father, resulting in her banishment. They then decided to go to rescue together.[1]

    Nyxly surprises Scar

    When Kara was asleep and resting, Nyxly repeated Kara's encouragement in her head and broke the "shackles" with her orb, allowing her powers to return. She then restarted the fire and healed Kara's leg injury. Soon, they teleported to the Shadow Lake and sent the bandits to a distant location, saving Zor-El from the "sacrifice".[1]

    Liberated from the Phantom Zone[edit | hide]

    Catching a Ride[edit | hide]

    Message to Dreamer[edit | hide]

    Freedom[edit | hide]

    Duel of the Imps[edit | hide]

    Search for the Totems[edit | hide]

    Courage[edit | hide]

    Humanity[edit | hide]

    Hope[edit | hide]

    Secret Admirer[edit | hide]

    The Murder of William Dey[edit | hide]

    AllStone Completed[edit | hide]

    Just because scary things happen to us sometimes, it doesn't mean that we're always destined for only bad things.
    — Nyxly to Esme[src]

    Battle of the Titans[edit | hide]

    Back to the Phantom Zone[edit | hide]

    Erased Future[edit | hide]

    Death[edit | hide]

    Powers and Abilities[edit | hide]

    Powers[edit | hide]

    Nyxly using her powers
    • Imp Physiology: As an Imp, Nyxly was born with exceptional powers that are able to alter reality.[1]
      • Reality Manipulation: Nyxly is able to manipulate reality and alter matter.[1]
        • Pyrokinesis: With a snap, Nyxly restarted a fire without any direct contact with it.[1]
        • Healing: Nyxly was shown to be able to heal Kara Zor-El's leg wound easily.[1]
        • Teleportation: Nyxly is able to send herself as well as others by emitting a blue light while she snaps.[1]
        • Resurrection: Nyxly claimed to be able to resurrect Nia Nal's mother for one day.[5]
      • Durability: Nyxly claims to be able to withstand attacks by Kara Zor-El.[6]
      • Energy Absorption: Using a trap to store Supergirl's heat vision energy, Nyxly was able to repurpose it and recharge her strength, allowing her to use Magic once more.[7]
        • Energy Blasts: With the energy in her body, Nyxly can channel it as a long-distance attack.[4]
        • Ergokinesis: Nyxly has the ability to generate powerful forcefields that not even J'onn J'onzz's density-shifting was able to withstand.[8]
      • Temporal Stasis: While threatening Supergirl, Nyxly froze William Dey and Don in place.[8]

    Former Powers[edit | hide]

    • Powers via the Courage, Humanity, Dream and Hope Totem: Nyxly was able to acquire exceptional powers when she possessed the AllStone Totems.
      • Pathokinesis: After gaining the Humanity Totem, Nyxly was capable of absorbing the humanity in individuals within the blast radius when she activated it. However, the residual humanity flooded Nyxly and powered her with excess emotions, forcing her to discard the totem.[9]
      • Dream Manipulation: Through the Dream Totem, Nyxly has the ability to induce nightmares and visions in her opponents.[2]
    • Powers via the Truth Totem: With the help of Lex Luthor, Nyxly was able to locate the Truth Totem and pass the gauntlet.[10]
      • Truth Inducement: Nyxly has the ability to force anyone in contact with the Truth Totem to speak the truth.[10]
    • Powers via the AllStone: Nyxly acquired one-third of the AllStone and gained exceptional abilities through its Magic.[11]
      • Superhuman Strength: Nyxly was able to easily throw Lex towards a building and damage thousands of properties.[11]
      • Flight: With the AllStone, Nyxly has the ability to fly and levitate midair.[11]
      • Superhuman Durability: Despite being thrown towards buildings built with concrete, Nyxly showed no visible injuries.[11]

    Abilities[edit | hide]

    Weaknesses[edit | hide]

    • Inability to Kill: As an Imp, Nyxly is not allowed to directly harm any sentient beings. However, using the loophole of indirectly harming, Nyxly is still extremely dangerous as she could summon beings across the universe to complete her goals.[4]
    • Anti-Magic Cuff: Nyxly is unable to use her magic when she is cuffed with anti-magic technology.[4]

    Former Weaknesses[edit | hide]

    I had to rid myself of my father's shackles. Both metaphorical and physical. And I knew it was right because every time I looked at that thing, all I could hear was my father telling me I'm useless.
    — Nyxly on her "shackles"[src]

    Equipment[edit | hide]

    Former Equipment[edit | hide]

    • AllStone Fragment: After a battle between Nyxly, Lex and the Super Friends, the AllStone was destroyed into three pieces. Nyxly then took one piece and enhanced her physiology against Lex.[11]
      • Courage Totem: The Courage Totem was stolen by Nyxly in National City Museum, with her successfully passing her trial and gaining full possession of it.[12] It was later stolen and given to the Super Friends by William Dey.[8]
      • Humanity Totem: Nyxly acquired the Humanity Totem without any trial, however, its effects overwhelmed Nyxly, and she was forced to discard it.[9]
      • Dream Totem: Through entering the Dreaming, Nyxly was able to take the Dream Totem directly and installed it on her gauntlet.[3] While the Super Friends attacked Nyxly's ship, Brainiac-5 stole the totem from Nyxly's gauntlet.[10]
      • Hope Totem: Nyxly was capable of restoring the destroyed Hope Totem and regain possession. Unfortunately, the totem was taken by Supergirl before the Super Friends' escape from the Cosmic Menagerie.[10]
      • Truth Totem: With the help of Lex Luthor, Nyxly was able to locate the Truth Totem and pass the gauntlet.[10]
    • Lexosuit: Lex Luthor gifted a Lexosuit to Nyxly and installed upgrades to adapt to the Fifth Dimensional Magic.[2][10]
    • Jyrryd's Crystal: Nyxly stole a crystal that can see things from a different location.[1]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

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