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    Cleo Cazo (Earth-1: Post-Crisis)

    If I die 'cause I gambled on love, it will be a worthy death.
    — Cleo Cazo[src]

    Cleo Cazo is a criminal and a member of Task Force X known as Ratcatcher 2, taking over the mantle of her late father.

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    Early Life[edit | hide]

    They brought us trinkets to live on. And they kept us warm at night, when we would have frozen. But eventually...my father's burdens became too heavy to carry.
    — Cleo Cazo[src]
    Cleo and Ratcatcher

    Cleo Cazo was born as a Millennial on the streets of Portugal. When she grew up, her father built a Rat Communicator and taught Cazo on how to control rats. Living under the sewers, the father-daughter duo controlled rats to bring trinkets home for their survival.[1]

    Unfortunately, her father died and Cazo took over the mantle of Ratcatcher and continued her father's criminal activities.[1]

    Going to the U.S.[edit | hide]

    At some point, Cazo went to the United States and used the communicator in order to survive. However, the local law enforcement arrested Cazo for assaulted robbery and treated the rats as weapons. Cazo was then sent to Belle Reve Correctional Center and was locked in a cell for years with her pet rat, Sebastian.[1]

    The Suicide Squad[edit | hide]

    Recruitment[edit | hide]

    In 2021, Amanda Waller recruited a just woken Cleo Cazo to Task Force X and told her to meet the team, consisting of Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Polka-Dot Man and King Shark. The team was then sent to Corto Maltese in order to destroy all traces of something only known as Project Starfish and camped in the forest.[1]

    During the night, Cazo was deep asleep and was nearly eaten by King Shark, only to be saved by DuBois. Afterward, Cazo claimed to have been dreaming and refused to believe that King Shark was eating her. However, when he attempted to eat Sebastian, Cazo called him a bastard and attacked him with rats. Cazo told King Shark to promise her that he would not eat friends, with him replying that he does not have any friends. Out of compassion, she made an agreement with King Shark and became friends with him in exchange for not eating them.[1]

    The Search[edit | hide]

    In the next morning, the team packed their equipments and went to a camp where Rick Flag was supposedly held in after being capture. With Peacemaker and DuBois murdering all of the residents, the team immediately opened a blind and found Flag having tea with Sol Soria. Cleo realized that they had killed a group of innocent people and lied that they left before they got to the base, with Krill revealing the truth quickly afterward. Soria was forced to forgive them and worked alongside the task force in search of Gaius Grieves.[1]

    The Suicide Squad in Corto Maltese

    The group walked across the mountains to the town and briefly stopped as Cazo got tired and Krill started glowing with polka-dots. They then arrived at an army facility where they met Milton, a driver for the Freedom Fighters. Cazo started changing into civilian clothes in order to infiltrate La Gatita Amable, the gentlemen's club that Grieves often visits.[1]

    Do you want a dozen angry rodents crawling up your ass?
    — Ratcatcher 2 to the Thinker[src]

    As Grieves had yet to arrive, the team started ordering drinks and enjoyed themselves. They were then interrupted when Grieves entered the building, only to encounter another obstacle as the army arrived in search of Americans. DuBois, Flag and Smith stayed behind as distractions while Cazo and Krill brought Grieves back to the minibus. Grieves started deducing Cazo's lack of leadership skills as she warned him for talking too much.[1] While they boarded the minibus, Cazo found Nanaue missing and summoned a huge group of rats to assist her search. The rats later informed Cazo about Nanaue's location in an apartment building. The scream from the apartment frightened Cazo as she was reassured that Nanaue simply played toy cars with children. The duo soon returned to the bus and heard gunshots, which was from Krill as he shot Grieves in the ear.[2]

    With the help of Milton, they drove to the crash site of the army transport, where they found DuBois, Flag and Smith breaking out of the vehicle. Cazo followed the leaders and soon discussed their next moves: rescue Harley Quinn from captivity.[1]

    Operation Harley[edit | hide]

    Still in their civilian outfits, the team got into position as Flag and DuBois infiltrated the building. However, Quinn appeared next to them, revealing that she had escaped by herself without assistance. The team then resumed their objective to infiltrate Jotunheim.[1]

    Operation Jotunheim[edit | hide]

    The Suicide Squad vs Corto Maltese Armed Forces

    The team soon got into their respective suits, with Grieves driving to Jotunheim and infiltrating the building. The team then stormed the building in the rain and was able to enter the lobby.[1]

    Under the commands of DuBois and Flag, Cazo followed the latter to search for Project Starfish and discovered countless test subjects that were under the control of "Starro the Conqueror" for over 30 years. Grieves explained that it was not his fault for the deaths, and it was America astronauts who brought it to Earth. Cazo was terrified by the bloody and inhuman experiments. Flag attempted to retrieve the hard disk consisting of the full information on Starro, only to be prevented by Peacemaker. During the chaos, Cazo was able to acquire the hard disk and fled from Peacemaker. Unfortunately, she was unable to outrun him and was held at gunpoint after the chains of explosives were set off.[1]

    Luckily, DuBois landed in front of them when the building collapsed, defending Cazo with his firearm shooting Peacemaker in the throat. Cazo quickly followed DuBois to rendezvous with the team as Starro escaped control. The team were able to protect themselves from Starro's extensions by covering their faces under Cazo's advice. Despite Starro's escape, Waller demanded the team to leave as the objective of the mission was completed. DuBois slowly walked away, only to be forced back by his compassion. Cazo told DuBois that Sebastian believed right that he has good in him, following him to defy Waller's orders.[1]

    This city isn't yours. This city isn't ours. This city is theirs.
    — Ratcatcher 2 to Starro[src]

    Waller back in Belle Reve was then knocked unconscious by Flo Crawley. The team followed Emilia Harcourt and John Economos' orders to evade Starro, fighting the injected individuals with their respective abilities. Krill was soon crushed by Starro after an attempt to incinerate the starfish-like alien, with Cazo mourning for him. Later, Quinn used a javelin and entered Starro's eye. Cazo then summoned the rodents of Corto Maltese and brought them into Starro's eye, ordering them to eat its brain and defeating it once and for all. During the process, Cazo shielded DuBois from the rats, which he developed a phobia against them years ago.[1]

    Going Home[edit | hide]

    After the battle concluded, DuBois told Waller to leave them alone in exchange for not releasing the hard disk to the public. Waller was forced to comply and sent Briscoe to pick the squad up. On the ride, Cazo held a piece of Krill's suit and mourned his teammate. She then slowly fell asleep on King Shark's shoulders after a series of tiring fighting.[1]

    Powers and Abilities[edit | hide]

    Powers[edit | hide]

    He built the machines I employ today and taught me the secrets of calling the rats.
    — Cleo Cazo[src]
    Cleo using the communicator
    • Rat Communicator Capabilities: Taught by her father, Cazo is proficient in using a rat communicator and talk to rats.[1]
    • Rat Manipulation: Using the communicator, Cazo is able to control rats' movements and send them on tasks that are unable to be completed by humans.[1]

    Abilities[edit | hide]

    • Theft: As a mean of survival, Cazo was forced to rob banks and shops to make money for food.[1]

    Equipment[edit | hide]

    Current Equipment[edit | hide]

    • Ratcatcher Suit: Cazo wears a protective suit that consists of a filtration mask and leather straps.[1]
    • Rat Communicator: Invented by her father, Cazo uses a glowing device that could summon and control the movement of rodents.[1]
    • Nano-Bomb: Upon joining Task Force X, Cazo was injected with a bomb in the base of her skull.[1]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    The Suicide Squad Appears
    A Whole New Whirled Mentioned

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    Promotional Images[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

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