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    Back in the GCPD, when I told you there was so much I wish I could change, you asked me what I meant.
    I would change everything that brought us to this point. I would ask you to leave Gotham with me that first moment I saw you, and I would make sure we had a life together.
    Then you wouldn't be you.
    Maybe that'd be a good thing.
    No, it wouldn't. I'm not going back to who I was, but what you said yesterday about part of you always caring for me, I feel the same way. Goodbye. Now, go save Gotham.
    Jim Gordon and Leslie Thompkins[src]

    Dr. Leslie "Lee" Thompkins (formerly Calvi) is a former medical examiner at Hillsborough Police Department and doctor at Arkham Asylum, as well as the wife of James "Jim" Gordon.

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

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    Powers and Abilities[edit | hide]

    Powers[edit | hide]

    Former Powers[edit | hide]

    • Superhuman Strength: After being infected by the Alice Tetch Virus, Thompkins' strength increased exponentially, capable of lifting individuals with one hand and sending her opponents flying across a room with a mere push.[12]

    Abilities[edit | hide]

    • Medical Knowledge: Thompkins is an experienced doctor and worked at Arkham Asylum for years, providing her a thorough understanding of medical techniques.
    • Marksmanship: Thompkins is proficient in handling firearms and was able to shoot Sofia Falcone in her forehead.
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat: While brawling with Barbara Kean, Ivy Pepper and Jervis Tetch's henchmen, Thompkins showed basic combat skills and defended herself.

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Rogues' Gallery Appears
    What the Little Bird Told Him Appears
    Welcome Back, Jim Gordon Mentioned
    The Fearsome Dr. Crane Appears
    The Scarecrow Appears
    The Blind Fortune Teller Appears
    Red Hood (Gotham) Mentioned
    Beasts of Prey Appears
    Under the Knife Appears
    The Anvil or the Hammer Appears
    All Happy Families Are Alike Appears
    Damned If You Do... Appears
    Knock, Knock Appears
    The Last Laugh Appears
    Strike Force Appears
    Scarification Appears
    By Fire Appears
    Mommy's Little Monster Appears
    Tonight's the Night Appears
    A Bitter Pill to Swallow Appears
    The Son of Gotham Appears
    Worse Than a Crime Appears
    Mr. Freeze Appears
    A Dead Man Feels No Cold Appears
    This Ball of Mud and Meanness Appears
    Mad Grey Dawn Appears
    Prisoners Pictured
    Into the Woods Voice
    Pinewood Mentioned
    Transference (Gotham) Mentioned
    Better to Reign in Hell... Flashback
    Burn the Witch Appears
    Look Into My Eyes Appears
    New Day Rising Appears
    Anything for You Appears
    Follow the White Rabbit Appears
    Red Queen Appears
    Blood Rush (Gotham) Appears
    The Executioner Appears
    Time Bomb (Gotham) Appears
    Beware the Green-Eyed Monster Appears
    Ghosts (Gotham) Appears
    Smile Like You Mean It Appears
    The Gentle Art of Making Enemies Appears
    How the Riddler Got His Name Appears
    These Delicate and Dark Obsessions Appears
    The Primal Riddle Appears
    Light the Wick Appears
    All Will Be Judged Appears
    Pretty Hate Machine Appears
    Destiny Calling Appears
    Heavydirtysoul Appears
    The Fear Reaper Hallucination
    The Blade's Path Appears
    Hog Day Afternoon Appears
    Stop Hitting Yourself Appears
    Things That Go Boom Appears
    Queen Takes Knight Mentioned
    Pieces of a Broken Mirror Appears
    A Beautiful Darkness Appears
    Reunion (Gotham) Appears
    The Sinking Ship, The Grand Applause Appears
    Mandatory Brunch Meeting Appears
    To Our Deaths and Beyond Appears
    That Old Corpse Appears
    One Bad Day Appears
    No Man's Land Appears
    13 Stitches Appears
    Ace Chemicals Appears
    The Trial of Jim Gordon Appears
    I Am Bane Appears
    They Did What? Appears
    The Beginning... Appears

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

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