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    The Batsuits are a series of protective suits used by Bruce Wayne as the vigilante, Batman.

    History[edit | hide | hide all]

    First Suit[edit | hide]

    The original suit was used by Bruce Wayne as the Batman in 1989, with him battling criminals in the city and later, the Joker. The suit was heavily damaged when Wayne crashed the Batwing at the steps of Gotham Cathedral. It was later repaired, with Wayne donning it again while patrolling on the streets of Gotham.[1]

    Second Suits[edit | hide]

    Soon afterwards, the Batsuit was mass-produced to prevent a lack of suits and was kept in the Vault of the Batcave. Over time, Wayne often changed into a different Batsuit when the default one was damaged by criminals and gunfire, one was severely damaged while battling the Penguin and was replaced afterwards.[2]

    Third Suit[edit | hide]

    Months later, Wayne began donning a different suit with designs inspired by the first and second suit, adding advanced technology to the suit.[3]

    Flashpoint[edit | hide]

    Retired Batsuits[edit | hide]

    When Barry Allen travelled back in time to prevent his Nora Allen's death, he accidentally drew elements from Earth-89 to Earth-1, including the Batsuits. In the altered timeline, Bruce Wayne retired from vigilantism after Gotham City no longer needed him, with the suits placed in storage without being used. Wayne was soon convinced by Allen to don the cowl once more, operating as Batman until his sacrifice against the Sword of Rao.[4]

    The Flash's Batsuit[edit | hide]

    Wayne initially offered to give one of his old Batsuit to Allen during his attempt to be struck by lightning. However, he refused the offer as he needed to be in direct contact with the lightning bolt for his experiment to work. The old Batsuit was then given to Allen's Flashpoint counterpart, who painted the suit with a red and yellow color scheme and removed the ears of the cowl, giving himself a flexible and durable protective suit.[4]

    Dark Flash's Batsuit[edit | hide]

    In an erased future, the Flashpoint Allen did not give up in maintaining the timeline without any sacrifices and became the Dark Flash. The Dark Flash spent decades travelling back in time to fight the Kryptonians, only for his Batsuit to be severely damaged beyond recognition. The Batsuit was then erased out of existence with Flashpoint Allen's sacrifice.[4]

    Overview[edit | hide]

    Functions[edit | hide]

    • Advanced Durability: The Batsuit was proven to be durable, albeit able to be damaged by close-range gunshots. The second suit improved the first suit's durability, with gunshots being harder to penetrate the torso piece.[1]
    • Glider: The second suits consist of a glider inside the cape and improving Wayne's efficiency in transportation.[1]
    • Identity Concealment: The Batsuits consist of black cowls, covering the top half of Wayne's face and concealing his identity.[1]
    • Lenses: The cowl of the third suit installed white lenses, presumably to provide protection to Wayne's eyes.[3]

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