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    The Boot is a blog post from The Chronicles of Cisco. It was released on October 14, 2015.

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    Leg shackles on steroids. This thing packs some serious heat (I'm talking 90,000 volts of nerve-frying juice). Just ready, aim, and fire – bam! You've caught yourself a meta! Theoretically. Not my fault its debut coincided with a freak of nature who could actually harness the energy and blow up into a Goliath of sheer radioactive terror… It just needs some minor recalibration, some TLC, and a second chance.[1]

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    The Chronicles of Cisco

    Chapter One: Peek-a-Boo The Cold Gun Chapter Two: Prism Chapter Three: The Mist Chapter Four: Cinema Cisco The Heat Gun Chapter Five: Mark Mardon Chapter Six: Brie Larvan Chapter Seven: Hannibal Bates Chapter Eight: Jake Simmons Chapter Nine: Cisco Disco Chapter Ten Post 13 S.T.A.R. Labs 4EVR!!! The Boot Namaste S.W.A.K. Trick or Treat! Post 19 A Little TLC! Post 21 Post 22 Vibe vs. The Fifth Grader Post 24 BBFF Bon Voyage! Post 27 Post 28 Vibe Goggles Land vs. Sea! Cisco's Central City Sightseeing Tour Zoom.Is.Jay. Welcome to Gorilla City! Post 34 Post 35 Post 36 Post 37 Post 38 Post 39 Post 40 Target Practice! Post 42 Cisco Ramon: Intergalactic Adventurer! Post 44 We Conquered El Gigante! Post 46 AlienMovieNight AWholeLatteLove Something about Gypsy was cosmic... Kid Flash and Vibe's Excellent Adventure Cisco Workout: BodyByBreach SuaveStyle MetaBromance FlashKaraoke EmoCisco WhoIsSavitar? Post 57 Post 58 Post 59 Post 60 Now Playing: Kid Flash & Vibe's Excellent Adventure Pt. II Post 62 Laser Tag: The Sequel Cisco's Super Spooky Moviethon 2017 Cisco's Bachelor Elixir Wells the Grey 12 Months of Cisco Thanksgiving with Breacher Killer Night Out GhostVibe In Memorium Beebo 1992-2018 Run, Cisco! Run!! swolepatrol StarLabsGames AttackOfTheCorn RunIrisRun Breacher 2.0 Post 78 BestListenerEver Post 80 SonnyWells Flashtime CiscoSecrets YOLO NoClowningAround All Your Cisco are Belong 2 Us 100Episodes Schway BOGONONO ArcticLab101 DailyDibny WTShrap?! BreacherFail Grounded DoItForTheGram Post 96 Post 97 Barry Allen's Greatest Hits Post 99 Post 100 Post 101

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