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    Star Metro Police Precinct (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)

    The Star Metro Police is the main police precinct of Star City Police Department.

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    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Lone Gunmen Appears
    An Innocent Man Appears
    Damaged Appears
    Legacies Appears
    Muse of Fire Appears
    Year's End Appears
    Burned Appears
    Trust but Verify Appears
    Vertigo Appears
    Betrayal Appears
    Dodger Appears
    Dead to Rights Appears
    The Huntress Returns Appears
    Unfinished Business Appears
    Home Invasion Appears
    Darkness on the Edge of Town Appears
    Sacrifice Appears
    Identity Appears
    Broken Dolls Appears
    Keep Your Enemies Closer Appears
    Roy to the Rescue Mentioned
    Three Ghosts Appears
    Blast Radius Appears
    Blind Spot Appears
    Birds of Prey Appears
    Deathstroke Appears
    City of Blood Appears
    Streets of Fire Appears
    Unthinkable Appears
    Sara Appears
    Corto Maltese Appears
    The Magician Appears
    The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak Appears
    Guilty Appears
    The Brave and the Bold Appears
    The Climb Appears
    Uprising Appears
    Canaries Appears
    The Offer Appears
    Suicidal Tendencies Appears
    Public Enemy Appears
    Broken Arrow Appears
    Who Is Harrison Wells? Appears
    My Name Is Oliver Queen Appears
    Green Arrow Appears
    The Candidate Appears
    Restoration Mentioned
    Beyond Redemption Appears
    Haunted Mentioned
    Blood Debts Appears
    Code of Silence Appears
    Taken Appears
    Broken Hearts Appears
    Beacon of Hope Mentioned
    Eleven-Fifty-Nine Appears
    Last Refuge Appears
    Canary Cry Appears
    Legacy Appears
    The Recruits Appears
    A Matter of Trust Mentioned
    Penance Appears
    Human Target Appears
    Episode 4 Appears
    So It Begins Appears
    Vigilante Appears
    Invasion! Dream
    What We Leave Behind Appears
    Bratva Mentioned
    Spectre of the Gun Appears
    The Sin-Eater Appears
    Fighting Fire with Fire Appears
    Checkmate Appears
    Disbanded Appears
    Dangerous Liaisons Appears
    Underneath Mentioned
    Honor Thy Fathers Appears
    Missing Mentioned
    Fallout Appears
    Tribute Mentioned
    Next of Kin Appears
    Reversal Appears
    Deathstroke Returns Appears
    Promises Kept Mentioned
    Thanksgiving Appears
    Divided Appears
    We Fall Appears
    All for Nothing Appears
    The Devil's Greatest Trick Appears
    Collision Course Appears
    Doppelganger Appears
    The Thanatos Guild Appears
    Brothers in Arms Appears
    Fundamentals Appears
    The Dragon Mentioned
    Shifting Allegiances Appears
    Docket No. 11-19-41-73 Appears
    The Ties That Bind Appears
    Life Sentence Appears
    Inmate 4587 Appears
    The Longbow Hunters Appears
    Crossing Lines Appears
    Level Two Appears
    The Demon Appears
    Due Process Appears
    Unmasked Appears
    My Name Is Emiko Queen Appears
    Past Sins Appears
    Emerald Archer Appears
    Star City Slayer Appears
    Brothers & Sisters Appears
    Training Day Appears
    Star City 2040 Flashforward
    Inheritance Appears
    Lost Canary Appears
    Spartan Mentioned
    Confessions Appears
    Living Proof Appears
    You Have Saved This City Appears
    Present Tense Appears
    Reset Dream
    Green Arrow & The Canaries Mentioned
    Fadeout Appears
    Marathon Mentioned

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