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    Adrian Chase (Earth-1: Post-Crisis)

    For other uses of Vigilante, see Vigilante (Disambiguation).

    Do you think I feel good when, after some dude does some atrocious act, that I have to kill them?
    I don't know.
    When I find out someone murdered an innocent person, or sold somebody heroin, or did some graffiti, and I kill that person with my bare hands, their eyeballs popping out of their skulls, you think that gives me pleasure?
    Well, it does. It gives you pleasure too, Peacemaker. That's 'cause we're born killers. What separates us from other killers is we only kill bad people. Usually. Unless there's a mistake.
    — Vigilante and Peacemaker[src]

    Adrian Chase is a busboy at Fennel Fields who operates with a mask as the Vigilante, the ruthless vigilante of Evergreen and self-proclaimed "best friend" of the Peacemaker.

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    Early Life[edit | hide]

    Adrian Chase was born on June 30, 1991, in Evergreen as the brother of Gut Chase.[2] Growing up, Chase often played Dungeons & Dragons when his brother played with Christopher Smith.[4]

    The Ruthless Vigilante[edit | hide]

    At some point, Chase began suiting up as the Vigilante, hoping to rid crime in Evergreen no matter the methods while concealing his identity.[4] During the process, he befriended Peacemaker, who hoped to achieve peace at all cost. Chase self-proclaimed himself as Peacemaker's best friend and annoyed him for years, leaving voicemails on his phone while he was in prison.[2]

    Peacemaker's Return[edit | hide]

    In 2022, Peacemaker returned to Evergreen after surviving the injuries from being shot by Bloodsport, as well as surviving the collapse of Jotunheim. Chase greeted Peacemaker at the diner and later celebrated his return in the alley, albeit attracting attention from his coworker.[2]

    P & V

    Later, Chase suited as Vigilante and thought that someone was sneaking into Smith's trailer. He walked by the window and saw Smith crying, though he claimed to be doing "facial muscle exercise". Chase offered to tidy up after the police searched the trailer, and talked to Smith. Smith began to think that he was beginning to doubt his vows, with Chase sharing his own beliefs. Afterward, Chase brought Smith to the forest and destroyed countless abandoned appliances with a variety of weapons.[5]

    Project Butterfly[edit | hide]

    Failed Assassination[edit | hide]

    Distrusting over Smith's involvement with Task Force X, Chase observed the team behind a dumpster and was seen by Leota Adebayo. Emilia Harcourt demanded him to step out from behind the dumpster. Chase greeted the team and was dismissed by Smith, and later ran away.[4]

    Unbeknownst to the team, Chase rode on the "Vigilante-Mobile" and followed them to Royland Goff's house. He surprised Smith after appearing behind a bush and disrupted the team's assassination attempt. However, Clemson Murn decided to let him stay, as letting him loose would attract attention. Smith then had the target in sight and was about to fire his sniper rifle, only to be stopped by his conscience. Chase stepped in and replaced him as the sniper, killing the Goff family before Judomaster blocked his shot on Royland Goff. Chase and Smith both battled the Judomaster and were outmatched, with the former being stabbed with his own machete and knocked unconscious.[4]

    Chase and Smith amused by the Butterfly

    Both were soon tied up with Judomaster connecting Chase to a generator in order to force Smith to tell the truth. Smith refused as Goff continuously electrocuted Chase, even trying to cut his toe off in order to acquire information. Thankfully, Murn, Harcourt and Adebayo set off an explosion and distracted Goff for Smith to tackle him on the ground. After a short duel, Smith was able to kill Goff and untie Chase. Before Chase could put on his mask once more, they were amused by the butterfly-like alien flying out of Goff's destroyed skull.[4]

    Making Things Worse[edit | hide]

    11th Street Kids[edit | hide]

    Hunted by Police[edit | hide]

    Dragon[edit | hide]

    Butterfly Invasion[edit | hide]

    Battle of Coverdale Ranch[edit | hide]

    Powers and Abilities[edit | hide]

    Abilities[edit | hide]

    • High Pain Tolerance: Despite being electrocuted multiple times at a high voltage and being continuously cut with a knife, Chase was able to endure the pain.[4]
    Chase assassinates the Goffs
    • Marksmanship: Chase is proficient in a variety of firearms and targeting weapons, including pistols, handguns, shotguns, bow and arrows, and sniper rifles.[4][5]
    • Peak of Human Physical Condition: Chase possesses the peak physical performance of a human.[3]
      • Acrobatics: Chase is proficient in performing difficult acrobatic movements.[1]
      • Archery: Chase was shown to be skilled in using a bow and arrow.[5]
      • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Chase was proven to be a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, shown to be able to combat the skilled Judomaster despite being quickly outmatched afterward.[4]
        • Knife Fighting: Chase possesses a machete hidden in his suit, which he used to defend himself from Judomaster.[4]

    Equipment[edit | hide]

    Current Equipment[edit | hide]

    The Vigilante
    • Vigilante Suit: Chase wears a blue, black and white protective suit with a red visor to conceal his identity while operating as Vigilante.[5]
    • Guns: Chase possesses and utilizes a series of powerful firearms as the Vigilante.[5]
    • Sword: Chase possesses a sword that is kept on the back of his suit.[5]
    • Bow and Arrow: While celebrating with Peacemaker, Chase used a compound bow and arrows.[5]
    • Grenade: While trying to defeat the White Dragon, Chase threw an M67 hand grenade at him. However, he did not anticipate the strength of the grenade and was severely injured afterward.[1]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    Promotional Images[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

    Other versions of Adrian Chase
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