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    A headquarters to keep this city safe, to work outside of corporate and government oversight, whose interests might not always side with justice. A place for my Super Friends to work, whenever they should need it.

    The Tower is the base of operations of the Super Friends.

    History[edit source]

    In early 2020, J'onn J'onzz built a headquarters for the Super Friends. The base was then used to allow the Super Friends to operate independently of the DEO, instead of working for Luthor Corp.[1]

    Designs[edit source]

    Upper Level[edit source]

    The upper level includes the command center with computers and links to a balcony, which allows the team to exit the base. On the other end of the level, it consists of an elevator that leads to the lower level and J'onn's office. When converted into a spacecraft, the command center no longer connects to the balcony and will be sealed with an airlock.

    Pressing a button on the table can convert the Tower into a spacecraft using Martian technology. According to J'onn, this is an upgrade he installed after acquiring the Tower.[2]

    Lower Level[edit source]

    • Med Lab/Med Bay: On the side of the lower level, it consists of a medical lab that allows the injured members of the team to recover.
    • Lounge: In the center of the lower level, several tables and chairs are placed for conversations and leisure. Additionally, the floor of that section can be opened and keeps a sub-containment unit, which is able to withstand the strength and cryogenic abilities of Progenies.
    • Armory: The armory includes weapons across the universe such as the Energy Field Discs.
    • Science Lab: At the side of the lower level, there is a laboratory for Lena.
    • Garage: Somewhere in the building, a garage stores the Legion Cruiser.
    • Kitchen: The kitchen of the Tower includes a coffee machine from Corvon-4.[3]

    Spacecraft[edit source]

    • Engine Room: As a spacecraft, the Tower includes an engine room that stores the coolant and the Phantom Zone Projector.[2]
    • Airlock: While the command center no longer connects to the balcony as a spacecraft, it connects to an airlock with a thick glass door that directly connects to the exterior of the spacecraft.[2]
    • Escape Pod: As an additional section of the Tower, the escape pod locates next to the sub-containment unit.[2]

    Appearances[edit source]

    Gallery[edit source]

    Spacecraft[edit source]

    References[edit source]

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