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    J'onn J'onzz (Earth-1: Post-Crisis)

    For other uses of Martian Manhunter, see Martian Manhunter (Disambiguation).

    You know, I never thought I'd see the defenders of Earth united, fighting as one. It wouldn't have happened without you, Bruce. Your mother and father would be proud.
    I hope so.
    Well, I'll be in touch. Oh, and some have called me the Martian Manhunter.
    — J'onn J'onzz and Bruce Wayne[src]

    J'onn J'onzz[3] is a Green Martian who poses as a Lieutenant General in the United States Army and later the United States Secretary of Defense under the alias, Calvin Swanwick. He is also a member of the Justice League as the Martian Manhunter.

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

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    Man of Steel[edit | hide]

    Steppenwolf's Invasion[edit | hide]

    After Superman's death at the hands of Doomsday, J'onzz posed as Clark Kent's adoptive mother Martha Kent to help a grieving Lois Lane. Later, after the Justice League had defeated Steppenwolf, J'onzz met with Bruce Wayne, warning him about Darkseid's quest for the Anti-Life Equation and offering his help.[1]

    Powers and Abilities[edit | hide]

    Powers[edit | hide]

    • Green Martian Physiology: J'onzz possesses various superpowers due to his Green Martian physiology.[1]
      • Flight: J'onzz is able to fly.[1]
      • Shape-Shifting: J'onzz is able to change his appearance at will to anything he wants.[1]
      • Telepathy: J'onzz is a telepath and so is capable of reading people's minds.[4]

    Abilities[edit | hide]

    • Acting: J'onzz is a great actor as he was able to fool humanity for years into thinking he was one of them.[1]
    • Leadership: J'onzz is a capable leader as he was capable of working his way to becoming a lieutenant general.[2]

    Equipment[edit | hide]

    Current Equipment[edit | hide]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

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