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    Justin Hartley portrayed multiple versions of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow on Smallville and Arthur Curry/Aquaman in the Aquaman (TV Pilot) TV pilot.

    Hartley also directed one episode and wrote another episode of Smallville.

    Credits[edit | hide | hide all]

    Actor[edit | hide]

    Aquaman (TV Pilot) Aquaman (Arthur Curry)
    Sneeze Oliver Queen
    Wither Oliver Queen
    Arrow (Smallville) Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Reunion (Smallville) Oliver Queen
    Rage Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Hydro Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Justice (Smallville) Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Siren Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Odyssey Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Plastique (Smallville) Credit Only
    Toxic (Smallville) Oliver Queen
    Instinct Credit Only
    Committed Oliver Queen
    Prey (Smallville) Credit Only
    Identity (Smallville) Oliver Queen
    Bloodline Oliver Queen
    Abyss Credit Only
    Bride Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Legion Credit Only
    Bulletproof Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Power (Smallville) Credit Only
    Requiem Oliver Queen
    Infamous Credit Only
    Turbulence Credit Only
    Hex Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Eternal Credit Only
    Stiletto Credit Only
    Beast Oliver Queen
    Injustice (Smallville) Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Doomsday Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Savior Oliver Queen
    Metallo Credit Only
    Rabid Oliver Queen
    Echo (Smallville) Oliver Queen
    Roulette Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Crossfire (Smallville) Oliver Queen
    Kandor Oliver Queen
    Idol Credit Only
    Pandora Oliver Queen
    Disciple Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Absolute Justice, Part 1 Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Absolute Justice, Part 2 Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Warrior Oliver Queen
    Persuasion Credit Only
    Conspiracy Oliver Queen
    Escape Oliver Queen
    Checkmate (Smallville) Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Upgrade Credit Only
    Charade Credit Only
    Sacrifice (Smallville) Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Hostage Oliver Queen
    Salvation (Smallville) Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Lazarus (Smallville) Oliver Queen
    Shield Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Supergirl (Smallville) Oliver Queen
    Homecoming (Smallville) Oliver Queen
    Isis Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Harvest Credit Only
    Ambush Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Abandoned Credit Only
    Patriot Oliver Queen
    Luthor Oliver Queen & Oliver Queen
    Icarus Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Collateral Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Beacon Oliver Queen
    Masquerade (Smallville) Oliver Queen
    Fortune Oliver Queen
    Scion Credit Only
    [[Kent|<span style='color:Oliver Queen (archive footage);' title="Kent">Kent]] Oliver Queen (archive footage)
    Booster Credit Only
    Dominion Oliver Queen
    Prophecy Oliver Queen
    Finale, Part 1 Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    Finale, Part 2 Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)

    Director[edit | hide]

    Dominion Credited

    Writer[edit | hide]

    Sacrifice (Smallville) Credited

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