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    Josh Segarra portrayed Adrian Chase/Prometheus and Adrian Chase/The Hood on Arrow.

    Credits[edit | hide | hide all]

    Actor[edit | hide]

    [[Legacy (Arrow)|<span style='color:Prometheus (uncredited);' title="Legacy (Arrow)">Legacy (Arrow)]] Prometheus (uncredited)
    [[The Recruits|<span style='color:Prometheus (uncredited);' title="The Recruits">The Recruits]] Prometheus (uncredited)
    A Matter of Trust Adrian Chase
    Penance Adrian Chase
    Human Target Prometheus
    So It Begins Prometheus (Adrian Chase)
    Vigilante Prometheus (Adrian Chase)
    Invasion! (Arrow) Credit Only
    What We Leave Behind Prometheus (Adrian Chase)
    Who Are You? (Arrow) Prometheus (Adrian Chase)
    Second Chances Adrian Chase
    Bratva Adrian Chase
    Spectre of the Gun Adrian Chase
    The Sin-Eater Adrian Chase
    Fighting Fire with Fire Prometheus (Adrian Chase)
    Checkmate (Arrow) Prometheus (Adrian Chase)
    Kapiushon Prometheus (Adrian Chase)
    Disbanded Adrian Chase
    Dangerous Liaisons (Arrow) Credit Only
    Underneath Adrian Chase
    Honor Thy Fathers Prometheus (Adrian Chase)
    Missing Adrian Chase
    Lian Yu Adrian Chase
    [[Fundamentals|<span style='color:Prometheus (Adrian Chase) (special guest star);' title="Fundamentals">Fundamentals]] Prometheus (Adrian Chase) (special guest star)
    [[Emerald Archer|<span style='color:Prometheus (archive footage);' title="Emerald Archer">Emerald Archer]] Prometheus (archive footage)
    [[Starling City|<span style='color:The Hood (Adrian Chase) (special guest star);' title="Starling City">Starling City]] The Hood (Adrian Chase) (special guest star)
    [[Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four|<span style='color:Prometheus (Adrian Chase) (archive footage);' title="Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four">Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four]] Prometheus (Adrian Chase) (archive footage)

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