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    Colin Donnell portrayed multiple versions of Tommy Merlyn on Arrow.

    Credits[edit | hide | hide all]

    Actor[edit | hide]

    Pilot (Arrow) Tommy Merlyn
    Honor Thy Father Tommy Merlyn
    Lone Gunmen Tommy Merlyn
    An Innocent Man Credit Only
    Damaged Tommy Merlyn
    Legacies Tommy Merlyn
    Muse of Fire Tommy Merlyn
    Vendetta Tommy Merlyn
    Year's End Tommy Merlyn
    Burned Tommy Merlyn
    Trust but Verify Tommy Merlyn
    Vertigo Tommy Merlyn
    Betrayal (Arrow) Tommy Merlyn
    The Odyssey Credit Only
    Dodger Credit Only
    Dead to Rights Tommy Merlyn
    The Huntress Returns Tommy Merlyn
    Salvation (Arrow) Tommy Merlyn
    Unfinished Business Tommy Merlyn
    Home Invasion Tommy Merlyn
    The Undertaking Tommy Merlyn
    Darkness on the Edge of Town (Arrow) Tommy Merlyn
    Sacrifice (Arrow) Tommy Merlyn
    [[Three Ghosts|<span style='color:Tommy Merlyn (special guest star);' title="Three Ghosts">Three Ghosts]] Tommy Merlyn (special guest star)
    [[Sara|<span style='color:Tommy Merlyn (special guest star);' title="Sara">Sara]] Tommy Merlyn (special guest star)
    [[The Return|<span style='color:Tommy Merlyn (special guest star);' title="The Return">The Return]] Tommy Merlyn (special guest star)
    [[Genesis|<span style='color:Tommy Merlyn (archive footage);' title="Genesis">Genesis]] Tommy Merlyn (archive footage)
    [[Invasion! (Arrow)|<span style='color:Tommy Merlyn (archive footage);' title="Invasion! (Arrow)">Invasion! (Arrow)]] Tommy Merlyn (archive footage)
    [[Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1|<span style='color:Prometheus (Tommy Merlyn) (uncredited);' title="Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1">Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1]] Prometheus (Tommy Merlyn) (uncredited)
    [[Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2|<span style='color:Prometheus (Tommy Merlyn) (special guest star);' title="Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2">Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2]] Prometheus (Tommy Merlyn) (special guest star)
    [[Docket No. 11-19-41-73|<span style='color:Tommy Merlyn/Green Arrow (Christopher Chance) (special guest star);' title="Docket No. 11-19-41-73">Docket No. 11-19-41-73]] Tommy Merlyn/Green Arrow (Christopher Chance) (special guest star)
    [[Living Proof|<span style='color:Tommy Merlyn (special guest star);' title="Living Proof">Living Proof]] Tommy Merlyn (special guest star)
    [[Starling City|<span style='color:Dark Archer (Tommy Merlyn) (special guest star);' title="Starling City">Starling City]] Dark Archer (Tommy Merlyn) (special guest star)
    [[Welcome to Hong Kong|<span style='color:Tommy Merlyn (archive footage);' title="Welcome to Hong Kong">Welcome to Hong Kong]] Tommy Merlyn (archive footage)
    Fadeout Tommy Merlyn

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