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    Alan Tudyk portrayed Van Wayne on Powerless and Eric Morden/Mr. Nobody on Doom Patrol.

    Tudyk is also the voice of The Joker, Clayface, and numerous other characters on Harley Quinn.

    Credits[edit | hide | hide all]

    Actor[edit | hide]

    Wayne or Lose Van Wayne
    Wayne Dream Team Van Wayne
    Sinking Day Van Wayne
    Emily Dates a Henchman Van Wayne
    Cold Season Van Wayne
    I'ma Friend You Van Wayne
    Van v Emily: Dawn of Justice Van Wayne
    Green Furious Van Wayne
    Emergency Punch-Up Van Wayne
    No Consequence Day Van Wayne
    Van of the Year Van Wayne
    Win, Luthor, Draw Van Wayne
    Pilot (Doom Patrol) Mister Nobody (Eric Morden)
    Donkey Patrol Mister Nobody (Eric Morden)
    Puppet Patrol Credit Only
    Cult Patrol Credit Only
    Paw Patrol Mister Nobody (Eric Morden)
    Doom Patrol Patrol Credit Only
    [[Therapy Patrol|<span style='color:Mister Nobody (Eric Morden) (voice);' title="Therapy Patrol">Therapy Patrol]] Mister Nobody (Eric Morden) (voice)
    Danny Patrol Credit Only
    Jane Patrol Credit Only
    Hair Patrol Mister Nobody (Eric Morden)
    Frances Patrol Credit Only
    Cyborg Patrol Mister Nobody (Eric Morden)
    Flex Patrol Mister Nobody (Eric Morden)
    Penultimate Patrol Mister Nobody (Eric Morden)
    Ezekiel Patrol Mister Nobody (Eric Morden)
    [[Til Death Do Us Part (Harley Quinn)|<span style='color:Joker & Calendar Man (voice);' title="Til Death Do Us Part (Harley Quinn)">Til Death Do Us Part (Harley Quinn)]] Joker & Calendar Man (voice)
    [[A High Bar|<span style='color:Joker (voice);' title="A High Bar">A High Bar]] Joker (voice)
    [[So, You Need a Crew?|<span style='color:Joker, Clayface & Hot Southern Bartender (voice);' title="So, You Need a Crew?">So, You Need a Crew?]] Joker, Clayface & Hot Southern Bartender (voice)
    [[Finding Mr. Right|<span style='color:Joker & Clayface (voice);' title="Finding Mr. Right">Finding Mr. Right]] Joker & Clayface (voice)
    [[Being Harley Quinn|<span style='color:Joker & Clayface (voice);' title="Being Harley Quinn">Being Harley Quinn]] Joker & Clayface (voice)
    [[You're a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon|<span style='color:Clayface (voice);' title="You're a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon">You're a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon]] Clayface (voice)
    [[The Line|<span style='color:Clayface (voice);' title="The Line">The Line]] Clayface (voice)
    [[L.O.D.R.S.V.P.|<span style='color:Clayface & Joker (voice);' title="L.O.D.R.S.V.P.">L.O.D.R.S.V.P.]] Clayface & Joker (voice)
    [[A Seat at the Table|<span style='color:Clayface & Joker (voice);' title="A Seat at the Table">A Seat at the Table]] Clayface & Joker (voice)
    [[Harley Quinn Highway|<span style='color:Clayface (voice);' title="Harley Quinn Highway">Harley Quinn Highway]] Clayface (voice)
    [[Devil's Snare|<span style='color:Joker & Clayface (voice);' title="Devil's Snare">Devil's Snare]] Joker & Clayface (voice)
    [[The Final Joke|<span style='color:Joker & Clayface (voice);' title="The Final Joke">The Final Joke]] Joker & Clayface (voice)
    [[New Gotham|<span style='color:Clayface, Two-Face Goon & Manager (voice);' title="New Gotham">New Gotham]] Clayface, Two-Face Goon & Manager (voice)
    [[Riddler U|<span style='color:Clayface, Two-Face Goon 1 & Student 1 (voice);' title="Riddler U">Riddler U]] Clayface, Two-Face Goon 1 & Student 1 (voice)
    [[Catwoman (Harley Quinn)|<span style='color:Clayface, Doctor Trap & Cool Guard (voice);' title="Catwoman (Harley Quinn)">Catwoman (Harley Quinn)]] Clayface, Doctor Trap & Cool Guard (voice)
    [[Thawing Hearts|<span style='color:Clayface & Condiment King (voice);' title="Thawing Hearts">Thawing Hearts]] Clayface & Condiment King (voice)
    [[All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues|<span style='color:Joker (voice);' title="All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues">All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues]] Joker (voice)
    [[Inner (Para) Demons|<span style='color:Clayface (voice);' title="Inner (Para) Demons">Inner (Para) Demons]] Clayface (voice)
    [[Bachelorette|<span style='color:Clayface & Singing Fish (voice);' title="Bachelorette">Bachelorette]] Clayface & Singing Fish (voice)
    [[Dye Hard|<span style='color:Clayface & Joker (voice);' title="Dye Hard">Dye Hard]] Clayface & Joker (voice)
    [[A Fight Worth Fighting For|<span style='color:Clayface & Joker (voice);' title="A Fight Worth Fighting For">A Fight Worth Fighting For]] Clayface & Joker (voice)
    [[Lovers' Quarrel|<span style='color:Clayface & Joker (voice);' title="Lovers' Quarrel">Lovers' Quarrel]] Clayface & Joker (voice)
    [[Something Borrowed, Something Green|<span style='color:Clayface & Condiment King (voice);' title="Something Borrowed, Something Green">Something Borrowed, Something Green]] Clayface & Condiment King (voice)
    [[Harlivy|<span style='color:Clayface (voice);' title="Harlivy">Harlivy]] Clayface (voice)
    [[There's No Ivy in Team|<span style='color:Clayface & Firefly (voice);' title="There's No Ivy in Team">There's No Ivy in Team]] Clayface & Firefly (voice)
    [[The 83rd Annual Villy Awards|<span style='color:Clayface & Joker (voice);' title="The 83rd Annual Villy Awards">The 83rd Annual Villy Awards]] Clayface & Joker (voice)
    [[A Thief, a Mole, an Orgy|<span style='color:Clayface & Joker (voice);' title="A Thief, a Mole, an Orgy">A Thief, a Mole, an Orgy]] Clayface & Joker (voice)
    [[It's a Swamp Thing|<span style='color:Clayface (voice);' title="It's a Swamp Thing">It's a Swamp Thing]] Clayface (voice)
    [[Joker: The Killing Vote|<span style='color:Joker (voice);' title="Joker: The Killing Vote">Joker: The Killing Vote]] Joker (voice)
    [[Another Sharkley Adventure|<span style='color:Clayface & Ocean Master (voice);' title="Another Sharkley Adventure">Another Sharkley Adventure]] Clayface & Ocean Master (voice)
    [[Batman Begins Forever|<span style='color:Joker & Clayface (voice);' title="Batman Begins Forever">Batman Begins Forever]] Joker & Clayface (voice)
    [[Climax at Jazzapajizza|<span style='color:Clayface & Joker (voice);' title="Climax at Jazzapajizza">Climax at Jazzapajizza]] Clayface & Joker (voice)
    [[The Horse and the Sparrow|<span style='color:Joker & Clayface (voice);' title="The Horse and the Sparrow">The Horse and the Sparrow]] Joker & Clayface (voice)
    [[A Very Problematic Valentine's Day Special|<span style='color:Clayface & Clayface #2 (voice);' title="A Very Problematic Valentine's Day Special">A Very Problematic Valentine's Day Special]] Clayface & Clayface #2 (voice)

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