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    United States Department of Defense (UE-32)

    The United States Department of Defense (DOD) is a federal executive department which protects the United States of America.

    History[edit source]

    Man of Steel[edit source]

    When Superman began his crusade to protect the people of Earth, he attracted the attention of the DOD and Lois Lane, who was in a relationship with him, created a connection between the department with her father, General Sam Lane. Throughout the latter decade, Lane and Superman worked side by side against dangerous threats all across the world.[1]

    The Stranger[edit source]

    In fall 2020, the DOD investigated multiple incidents regarding nuclear facilities being attacked. Thanks to Superman, they were able to neutralize the extreme heat and the possible meltdown, saving the lives of countless individuals at Elison Nuclear Power Plant.[1] However, before they could apprehend the attacker, he attacked the DOD Headquarters for more Kryptonite against Superman. Superman once again thwarted his attack, only to realize that the real attacker was not there, and it was merely a remote-controlled war suit. Unbeknownst to Superman, the attacker gave Lane a keychain labelled 7734.[2]

    7734[edit source]

    Behind Superman's back, Sam Lane took the keychain's label as an inspiration and began Project 7734, a research project on creating Kryptonite weapons in case of Superman going rogue.[3] The project soon backfired when Lieutenant Reno Rosetti was possessed by a Kryptonian under Morgan Edge's eradication. An arrested John Henry Irons was then forcibly brought to the 7734 laboratory and defended a depowered Superman from Rosetti by killing the latter with a Kryptonite spear. Irons soon turned to attack Superman before being convinced not to by Lois Lane.[4]

    Moving into Smallville[edit source]

    After Edge's Subjekts ambushed the Kent House and Lane protected his family, he ordered the DOD to set a temporary camp in Smallville[5] while Superman search for methods to reverse the eradication. Using the DOD's resources, they were able to locate Dabney Donovan and asked for his assistance in restoring the affected individuals' minds. Unfortunately, Donovan did not have a full understanding of the Eradicator until Lara Lor-Van borrowed Lana Lang Cushing's body to work on reversing the machine's effects. With Superman overloading the Eradicator, he was capable of restoring the Subjekts' minds before being weakened and crashing into the Fortress of Solitude.[6]

    Tal-Rho and Leslie Larr soon found Superman and eradicated him, forcing Zod's mind into him. With the Kryptonian abilities of Jordan Kent, the DOD was able to locate Superman and sent John Henry Irons on restoring his mind.[7]

    The Eradicator[edit source]

    While Lane was unaware, Tal-Rho slowly eradicated multiple soldiers in the DOD and absorbed the Eradicator into himself. The DOD persisted in Smallville until they are able to apprehend Rho. However, soon after they locked him in a Kryptonite cage, he gained full control of his newly gained powers and escaped, beginning his invasion against humanity.[8][9] Mere hours later, the DOD attempted to defend Smallville from the Subjekts with the help of Superman and Steel, who removed Tal-Rho's abilities and incarcerated him. Shortly after the victory, Sam Lane decided to step down as the leader of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.[10]

    Anderson's Betrayal[edit source]

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