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    Timeline of Earth-Prime

    Timeline of Earth-Prime:

    Timeline[edit source]

    Dawn of Time[edit source]

    Around 1162[edit source]

    1199[edit source]

    1227[edit source]

    August 25[edit source]

    • After a lifetime of conquest, Genghis Khan dies and is buried with his sword.[2]

    1297[edit source]

    1755[edit source]

    November 2[edit source]

    1769[edit source]

    August 15[edit source]

    1774[edit source]

    1789[edit source]

    May 5[edit source]

    1793[edit source]

    September 5[edit source]

    October 16[edit source]

    1794[edit source]

    July 27[edit source]

    1799[edit source]

    November 9[edit source]

    1821[edit source]

    May 5[edit source]

    1832[edit source]

    1863[edit source]

    December 18[edit source]

    1868[edit source]

    March 1[edit source]

    May 18[edit source]

    1869[edit source]

    January 21[edit source]

    1872[edit source]

    June 6[edit source]

    1887[edit source]

    March 23[edit source]

    1894[edit source]

    July 25[edit source]

    1895[edit source]

    November 15[edit source]

    1897[edit source]

    June 10[edit source]

    1899[edit source]

    Unknown[edit source]

    June 26[edit source]

    1901[edit source]

    June 18[edit source]

    1904[edit source]

    August 12[edit source]

    1914[edit source]

    June 14[edit source]

    June 28[edit source]

    July 28[edit source]

    • World War I begins as a result of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.[6]

    1916[edit source]

    December 30[edit source]

    1917[edit source]

    January 4[edit source]

    1918[edit source]

    April 28[edit source]

    July 17[edit source]

    November 11[edit source]

    1920[edit source]

    1967[edit source]

    September 27[edit source]

    2000[edit source]

    2003[edit source]

    2005[edit source]

    2007[edit source]

    2008[edit source]

    References[edit source]

    New Multiverse
    Earth-Prime Earth-1 Earth-2 Earth-9 Earth-12 Earth-19 Earth-21 Earth-29 Earth-666 Bizarro World UE-17 UE-23 UE-32 UE-35 UE-36 UE-37 Void
    Original Multiverse
    Earth-1 Earth-2 Earth-3 Earth-12 Earth-13 Earth-15 Earth-16 Earth-19 Earth-66 Earth-90 Earth-96 Earth-99 Earth-167 Earth-203 Earth-666 Earth-F Earth-P Earth-X UE-2 UE-8 UE-14 UE-15 UE-18
    Transmultiversal Multiverse
    Earth-∂ Earth-1A Earth-38A
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