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    The Flash: Green Arrow's Perfect Shot

    The Flash: Green Arrow's Perfect Shot is a novel written by Barry Lyga. This is the first book of a new trilogy that takes place in an alternate continuity introduced in the previous trilogy. This trilogy is called "Crossover Crisis".

    Synopsis[edit source]

    A SINISTER BOMBER IS LOOSE IN STAR CITY, and Green Arrow could use speedster Barry Allen's help to bring them to justice. But as the Flash saves the day with Team Arrow, miles away a huge rift appears over his hometown and thousands of refugees with superspeed come pouring out in panic. Can the combined skills of Team Arrow and the Flash's team at S.T.A.R. Labs manage the chaos long enough to close the rift and stop the terror beyond from tearing their universe apart?[1]

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    Notes[edit source]

    • The title is a reference to Oliver's "Perfect shot" that closed the rift before the Anti-Matter Man reach their universe.
    • It's revealed that Cisco had a talk with the Cisco from the other universe to learn about some few things about their timeline such as:
    • When a fire department officer responded to Iris' call, he designated himself to be "FDCC Ladder Company Number 52", which is a reference to the New 52.
      • When discussing the multiverse, they mentioned the 52 Earths theory, which was already established in "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2".
      • The firefighter also stated that he'll be moving to the fire at Bates and Schwartz in a few minutes. Schwartz is a reference to Beth Schwartz, a known writer of the Arrowverse.
    • The book revealed that some event from the show continuity did take place but in a different way:
      • The Earth-X Invasion still happened.
      • Oliver and Felicity still got married after the invasion.
      • Barry and Iris got married at some point.
      • Barry still fought the Thinker. However, he was easily defeated.
      • Oliver came fought with Ricardo Diaz, but the Flash took care of him.
      • Wally joined the Legends because Barry asked him to tell them about Flashpoint.
      • The Legends works with the Time Bureau.
      • Brie Larvan was still defeated after attempting to steal from Palmer Tech, but she remained in a coma.
    • Cisco criticized Owlman's name by saying "I mean, if you want to be really silly, they could have gone with Bat-" before being cut off by Oliver. This, of course, is a reference to Batman.
    • This is the first book in which the Legends make a full appearance.
    • The 16th Chapter is the only chapter written from Anti-Matter Man's point of view.

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    References[edit source]


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