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    "Pilot"[1] is the first episode of the first season of Pennyworth, and the first episode overall. It aired on July 28, 2019.

    You were in the army?
    Ten years.
    I'm against all that.
    Against all what?
    Wars. Army, killing. The whole grotesque charade. Have you ever... you know?
    Now and then.
    You've killed people?
    Came with the job.
    How could you? Didn't it... bother you?
    Still does. When my sergeant major gave me my first gun, he said, "This is not your gun. "This is the queen's gun. And these bullets, they're the queen's bullets." I was working for the queen. Makes it all right, do you see?
    No. No, not really.
    Well... I'll have no more to do with it now. Violence. No more. Peaceful life for me. You've no worries there.
    You do seem like a gentle man.

    Synopsis[edit source]

    This series debuts with the introduction of Alfred Pennyworth, a young man just out of the English air service and at loose ends, endeavoring to start a security company.[1]

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    Pennyworth Season 1

    "Pilot" "The Landlord's Daughter" "Martha Kane" "Lady Penelope" "Shirley Bassey" "Cilla Black" "Julie Christie" "Sandie Shaw" "Alma Cogan" "Marianne Faithfull"

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