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    Meet the Legends (Earth-Prime)

    For other uses of Meet the Legends, see Meet the Legends (Disambiguation).

    The Legends of Tomorrow are everywhere. Since they defeated a demon with the help of a dragon on national TV, they've become a worldwide obsession. Sure, we've all been mesmerized by the global phenomenon known as "Legends-mania." But who are the people beneath those supersized public personas? What are they like when the spotlight is off? I'm Kevin Harris, and my documentary film crew is the first ever to be granted unfettered access to their lives and their ship, the Waverider. So strap in because today, we meet the Legends.
    Saving history turned out to be a messier job than anyone had anticipated. To keep Rasputin from reforming, The Legends stored his remains in a series of jars that had previously been used for condiments.
    — Prologue and the Epilogue of the film[src]

    Meet the Legends is a documentary film focused on the superhero team, Legends of Tomorrow.

    History[edit source]

    In 2019, the Legends defeated Neron on national TV and became famous. However, the US Congress disapproved their time travelling actions due to the lack of transparency. Kevin Harris then filmed a documentary about Legends-mania and helped increase their transparency.[1]

    During the film premiere night in New York City, the Legends hid the truth of time travel and deemed the movie fake.[1]

    Overview[edit source]

    Information[edit source]

    • HD-720p
    • FPS 29.97
    • Format: MP4

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    Crew[edit source]

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    • Neron (possessing Ray Palmer)

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    Appearances[edit source]

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    Meet the Legends Appears
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    This Is Gus Pictured
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    Paranoid Android Pictured

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