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    John Constantine (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)

    My name is John Constantine. I am the one who steps from the shadows, all trench coat and arrogance. I'll drive your demons away, kick 'em in the bollocks, and spit on them when they're down, leaving only a nod and a wink and a wisecrack. I walk my path alone because, let's be honest... who would be crazy enough to walk it with me?
    — John Constantine[src]

    John Constantine[5] was an English occult detective and exorcist, the leader of his team and a member of the Legends of Tomorrow.

    Biography[edit source]

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    Early Life[edit source]

    John Constantine was born in Liverpool, England[2] on the 10th May 1982 to Tommy Constantine and Mary Anne. His mother died during childbirth, which caused his father to develop a deep resentment towards him. This resulted in him physically abusing John every night after coming home drunk, including through beating him and putting cigarettes out on his arms, and derisively referring to him as "Killer".[1] John also grew up alongside his older sister, who eventually abandoned him, leaving his alone with his father and almost driving him to suicide.[6]

    As a teenager, John formed a band called Mucous Membrane alongside Bernie Reed for the purpose of attracting attention from girls, although they only ever released one album.[7] He also met Anne Marie Flynn who he fell in love with, and she was the first person to introduce him to occultism.[8] John then began reading every book he could find on how to conjure dead beings in an attempt to conjure his late mother.[1]

    John later became best friends with Chas Chandler[9] and the friend of Esrin Fortuna, who he came to owe an unknown amount of money.[10]

    Lian Yu[edit source]

    Newcastle Incident[edit source]

    Rising Darkness[edit source]

    The following section is considered non-canon due to contradictions with on-show events.

    At some point, John Constantine became an occult detective and later had a TV show made about his life by NBC and created by David Goyer and Daniel Cerone. He also had a fling with Rosacarnis in Atlanta.

    One Friday night, John flew to LAX in Los Angeles and was met by Chas Chandler, who told him about a tip off he was given by a studio development executive about Daniel and David disappearing due to the Rising Darkness. He used his scry map to locate an alleyway where he searched a dumpster until noticing that Rosacarnis was watching him. She asked him to go to a nearby pub with him to watch his show, but John refused, stating that he would cease to exist if he didn't locate the missing show creators. Rosacarnis dismissed this and John soon fell into a trace, which resulted in him attempting to kiss her, but he slipped and fell on a banana peel. He looked up from the ground only to discover that she had disappeared but had inadvertently led him to discover a clue.[11]

    Sara Lance's Soul[edit source]

    Legends of Tomorrow[edit source]

    Desmond[edit source]

    Crisis on Infinite Earths[edit source]

    On December 10, 2019, John Constantine was vaporized by a wave of Antimatter.[4]

    Powers and Abilities[edit source]

    Powers[edit source]

    • Magic: John has extensive knowledge of many different forms of Magic even referring to himself as the "Master of the dark arts". He can use various forms of magic that effect both the natural and supernatural world.
      • Blinding: John is able to bind people in magic[12]
      • Cloaking Spell: John was capable of removing a cloaking spell concealing Felix Faust's hideout.[9]
      • Dark Magic: John is skilled in the use of dark magic even being able to call upon the power of God to banish an acetate containing The Devil's voice down to Hell.
        • Banishment: John is able to banish demons and other supernatural creatures to hell through the use of various spells and portals.
        • Phobikinesis: John can use fear to open portals that can allow people to both enter and exit Hell.
        • Necromancy: John is capable of allowing the dead to pass on to the Afterlife, restoring someone's soul to their body and communicating with the dead.
        • Summoning: John can summon and control various creatures as shown when he summoned a demon to protect him from an Invunche.
      • Duplicity Spell: John was able to hide the location of Jasper Winter's Millhouse through the use of this spell.[9]
      • Exorcism: John is capable of excising spirits from the host's body.
      • Glamour: John can use magic to make him appear as someone else.[13]
      • Inter-Dimensional Travel: John is able to use various portals to travel to other dimensions such as Hell and knows how to use the Egyptian Dream Temple Technique which allowed him to enter the reality of Jacob Shaw.
      • Life-Force Transference: John transferred some of his life-force energy into a child who had been drained of his own.
      • Light Magic: John was able to give Oliver Queen a magic tattoo that allowed him to channel light magic to defeat Damien Darhk.
        • Amokinesis: John was capable of channeling the love the Legends had for Nate Heywood to bring him back to life.[13]
      • Magic Circles: John has used magic circles for various rituals and traps such as when he used one to trap the demon Furcifer, so he could banish him to Hell.[1]
      • Protection Spells: John knows how to protect people from demons through the use of various spells. He also used a spell to allow Chas Chandler to resurrect himself a limited number of times.[9]
      • Pyromancy: John is capable of controlling fire as shown when he was able to create a ball of fire in his hands and when he was not injured whilst his hands were on fire.[1]
        • Heat Generation: John used a heat spell on a door to stop federal agents from following him and the Legends.
      • Revealing Spell: John is capable of using spells to see things that are invisible.
      • Sleep Spell: John can use a spell to put people to sleep.[9]
      • Telekinesis: John can use telekinesis to close and lock doors and freeze people in motion.[7][14]

    Abilities[edit source]

    • Alchemy: John knows how to create enchanted potions that have a magical effect such as turning Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe into children.[15]
    • Entomology: John was immediately able to identify Khapra Beetles suggesting he has knowledge of different species of insects.
    • Deception/Manipulation: John is skilled in the art of deceit and manipulation.
    • Escape Arts: John can easily break free from handcuffs as shown during his interrogation by Jim Corrigan.
    • Extra Sensory Awareness: John was able to sense Damien Darhk's presence in Star City when he first arrived.[14]
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat: John is skilled in hand-to-hand combat as shown when he knocked out two miners in a fight[2] and landed a punch on Papa Midnite.[16]
      • Swordsmanship: John was able to fight his ancestor Konstentyn with a sword, a fight which ended with his opponent's hand being severed.
    • Multilingualism: John can speak English, read text in Arabic and Sanskrit and preform spells in Italian, Assyrian and Hebrew.
    • Occult Knowledge: John is an expert in demonology, a master of the dark arts and has extensive knowledge of the supernatural. He has been studying this since he has a teenager.
    • Investigation: John is a skilled detective, especially when it comes to paranormal investigations.

    Weaknesses[edit source]

    • Antimatter: Antimatter can block the effects of Constantine's magic.

    Equipment[edit source]

    Former Equipment[edit source]

    • Bag: John had a bag filled with mystical items that can help him with his investigations. It contained items such as a police scanner, cemetery dirt, duct tape, holy water and the nails from the coffin of Saint Padua.[1]
    • Business Cards: John carried business cards which read, "John Constantine; Exorcist, Demonologist, and Master of the dark arts".[1]
    • Driving License: John carried a United Kingdom driving license.[2]
    • Enchanted Stone: John was given an enchanted stone by Felix Faust so that he could see Karabasan.[9]
    • Grim Reaper's Sickle: John owns a sickle which he stole from the Grim Reaper.[17]
    • Hunting Knife: John carried a hunting knife.[15]
    • Icon of Pazuzu: John used this item to turn Pazuzu's rage on Lamashtu and then to allow Pazuzu to possess him.[3][8]
    • Lighter: John carried a lighter which he used to light his cigarettes.[1]
    • Ring of Solomon: John used this artifact to trap Mnemoth.[18]
    • Scry Map: John used a map to discover supernatural events and creatures.[1]
    • Six of Diamonds Magic Card: John had a magic charming card that can change its appearance to match whatever it's user requires.

    Non-Canon Equipment[edit source]

    • Card Game: John discovered a card game which was a clue into his investigation of the Rising Darkness.[11]

    Appearances[edit source]

    Constantine (TV Series) Logo.png
    Non Est Asylum Appears
    Constantine (TV Series) Logo.png
    The Darkness Beneath Appears
    Constantine (TV Series) Logo.png
    The Devil's Vinyl Appears
    Constantine (TV Series) Logo.png
    A Feast of Friends Appears
    Constantine (TV Series) Logo.png
    Danse Vaudou Appears
    Constantine (TV Series) Logo.png
    Rage of Caliban Appears
    Constantine (TV Series) Logo.png
    Blessed Are the Damned Appears
    Constantine (TV Series) Logo.png
    The Saint of Last Resorts Appears
    Constantine (TV Series) Logo.png
    The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 2 Appears
    John Con Noir Logo.png
    Trash Appears
    Constantine (TV Series) Logo.png
    Quid Pro Quo Appears
    Constantine (TV Series) Logo.png
    A Whole World Out There Appears
    Constantine (TV Series) Logo.png
    Angels and Ministers of Grace Appears
    Constantine (TV Series) Logo.png
    Waiting for the Man Appears
    Constantine (TV Series) Logo.png
    Final Girl Unproduced
    Arrow (TV Series) Logo.png
    Haunted Appears
    Arrow (TV Series) Logo.png
    Lost Souls Mentioned
    Arrow (TV Series) Logo.png
    Unchained Mentioned
    Arrow (TV Series) Logo.png
    Taken Mentioned
    Arrow (TV Series) Logo.png
    Genesis Mentioned
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    Beebo the God of War Appears
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    Daddy Darhkest Appears
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    Here I Go Again Mentioned
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    The Curse of the Earth Totem Mentioned
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    Amazing Grace Mentioned
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    Necromancing the Stone Appears
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    Guest Starring John Noble Mentioned
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly Appears
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    The Virgin Gary Appears
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    Witch Hunt Appears
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    Dancing Queen Appears
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    Wet Hot American Bummer Appears
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    Tagumo Attacks!!! Appears
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    Tender Is the Nate Appears
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    Hell No, Dolly! Appears
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    Legends of To-Meow-Meow Appears
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    Lucha de Apuestas Appears
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    The Getaway Appears
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    Séance and Sensibility Appears
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe Appears
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    Egg MacGuffin Appears
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    Nip/Stuck Appears
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    Terms of Service Appears
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    Hey, World! Appears
    Batwoman Logo.png
    Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two Appears
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three Appears

    Notes[edit source]

    • John was bisexual as he had a relationship with both Sara Lance and Desmond.
    • John has made a deal with the The Devil[4]
    • John would take any work he can get and would even perform a ritual to ensure a marriage when paid.[19]
    • John won his apartment in a duel which is "perfectly legal" according to him.[19]
    • John did not like Doctor Who.[19]
    • John was a fan of Sting.[20]
    • John could impersonate an American accent.[20]
    • John did not own a cell phone.[19]
    • John had a LinkedIn profile.[21]
    • John was of Northern Irish and English heritage through his mother and father respectively.[22]
    • John considered Beelzebub to be his favorite member of the Triumvirate of Hell.[23]

    Gallery[edit source]

    Promotional Images[edit source]

    References[edit source]

    Other versions of John Constantine
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