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    Insurgency (Earth-1: Post-Crisis)

    The Insurgency is a resistance force against Superman's Regime in a potential timeline.

    History[edit source]

    Creation[edit source]

    In a potential future of 2022, Lois Lane was killed by Darkseid and Superman placed the blame on Batman. Superman was then susceptible to the Anti-Life Equation and fell under Darkseid's control. Eventually, Superman led a Regime with Apokoliptian forces and wreaked havoc on Earth. The Insurgency was then created in order to fight against the Regime and searched for Kryptonite.[1]

    During the course of Superman's rule, he murdered Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Mera then joined the Insurgency and swore to kill Superman. At some point, Batman recruited his former enemies, Deathstroke and Joker, on the team and brought his Justice League teammates, The Flash and Cyborg along.[2]

    Search for Mother Boxes[edit source]

    Later, the Insurgency searched for Mother Boxes in order to prevent the creation of the timeline. Batman vowed to kill Joker after the mission is accomplished, and the latter presented a truce. Before they could move, the group was found by Superman and was attacked. Under unknown circumstances, they were able to survive the incident and continue their fight.[2]

    Kryptonite Trap[edit source]

    Months later, Batman led a group of Insurgents to an unknown location in hopes of acquiring Kryptonite. However, it was simply two green light bulbs. Betraying their leader, an Insurgent apologized to Batman as Regime stormtroopers revealed their identity. Despite his effort, Batman was captured with his army of Insurgents murdered in cold blood.[1]

    Superman soon faced Batman after killing those captured Insurgents, he unmasked the Dark Knight and blamed him for the death of Lois Lane. Laying a gentle touch on Bruce's chest, Superman slowly pushed through the bat emblem on the Batsuits and killed Batman.[1]

    Back in Time[edit source]

    While the Insurgency struggled to continue, The Flash and Cyborg gathered the required Mother Box with the help of Joker. They built the Cosmic Treadmill and sent Barry back to warn Bruce Wayne. Unfortunately, he went back to 2016 before Bruce could understand what he meant. Before he was forced to return to 2022, Barry told Bruce that he was right about him.[1]

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