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    Gideon (Earth-Prime)/Time Vault

    For other uses of Gideon, see Gideon (Disambiguation).

    It has been an honor working with you, Barry Allen. Farewell.
    — Gideon's last words[src]

    Gideon is an interactive artificial consciousness used by Team Flash.

    Biography[edit source]

    Mobilized[edit source]

    In 2020, Barry Allen upgraded Gideon during his search for changes caused by the Crisis. Chester P. Runk then entered, assisting the upgrades. However, Chester's tampering caused Gideon to trap Barry's mind in Grodd's. The team later brought Barry back to his own mind.[3]

    Death of the Speed Force[edit source]

    Later, Gideon was once activated in the Time Vault when Barry attempted to use the Tachyon Prototype to enter the Speed Force before its ultimate death.[4]

    Diagnosis on Barry Allen[edit source]

    Months later, Barry Allen's mind was possessed by all Harrison Wellses of the Original Multiverse. Chester then used Gideon to diagnose Barry Allen's body status during the possession, and determined that without his speed healing, he would die immediately.[1]

    Protecting The Flash[edit source]

    Distant Future[edit source]

    In 2049, Gideon became the assistant to XS and Impulse, acting as a guide to both while they are on the field.[5]

    Capabilities[edit source]

    Functions[edit source]

    • Artificial Intelligence: As an A.I., Gideon is programmed with knowledge of countless categories.[3]
      • Knowledge of the Speed Force: Gideon is able to give information to Barry Allen regarding the Speed Force as well as diagnosing that the remnants of the Speed Force is what keeping Barry alive during the possession of Wellses.[1]

    Appearances[edit source]

    Grodd Friended Me Appears
    Death of the Speed Force Appears
    All's Wells That Ends Wells Appears
    The Speed of Thought Appears
    Enemy at the Gates Appears
    P.O.W. Appears
    Heart of the Matter, Part 1 Appears
    Armageddon, Part 2 Appears
    Impulsive Excessive Disorder Mentioned
    Death Falls Appears
    Into the Still Force Appears
    The Curious Case of Bartholomew Allen Appears
    The Man in the Yellow Tie Mentioned
    Negative, Part 2 Mentioned
    Wednesday Ever After Mentioned
    The Mask of the Red Death, Part 1 Mentioned
    The Good, the Bad and the Lucky Mentioned

    Gallery[edit source]

    References[edit source]

    Other versions of Gideon
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