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    Don't Believe Everything You Think

    "Don't Believe Everything You Think"[1] is the first episode of the first season of Naomi, and the first episode overall. It aired on January 11, 2022.

    We all look at the world through our own lens. But looking isn't the same thing as seeing. What if everything you believed about the world turned out to be wrong? If we truly opened up our eyes, what would we see? Every superhero has an origin story. And this is mine.

    Synopsis[edit source]

    Naomi McDuffie is living her best life as a top student, skateboarder and Superman-stan, when a "stunt" in the middle of her hometown of Port Oswego turns her world upside down. While Naomi's doting parents - Greg and Jennifer McDuffie - are concerned with their daughter's strange new fainting spells, the teen's closest friends - Annabelle, Nathan, Lourdes, Anthony, and Jacob - join Naomi to help uncover who or what is behind the unexpected event that has the small military town buzzing. A bit of sleuthing leads Naomi and her friends to discover that the owners of two local businesses - Dee and Zumbado - seem to know a lot more about the incident than everyone else. Soon Naomi realizes that the mysterious event is just the beginning of a thrilling journey that will change her life and challenge her to question everything she knew to be true.[2]

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    Naomi Season 1

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