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    "Deus Lex Machina"[1] is the seventeenth episode of the fifth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-fourth episode overall. It aired on May 3, 2020.

    Lex, a real hero? How can this be true?
    If you weren't so obsessed with trying to persecute me, you might see that on this Earth, I've always been the hero. All these people say so.
    — Supergirl and Lex Luthor[src]

    Synopsis[edit source]

    Lex proceeds to lay an intricate plan to bring Lena closer to him, defeat Leviathan's latest attack, and pit Supergirl and team against Leviathan. It is also revealed how Lex came into power after Crisis.[1]

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    Notes[edit source]

    • This episode takes place 1, 30, 43, 60, 88 and 90 days after Crisis respectively.
    • In the world tour, Lex visited Japan which matches the news footage shown in "Alex in Wonderland".
    • Chris Wood made an unseen cameo in this episode as a corpse.
    • The Black Plague was revealed to be caused by Leviathan.

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    References[edit source]

    Supergirl Season 5

    "Event Horizon" "Stranger Beside Me" "Blurred Lines" "In Plain Sight" "Dangerous Liaisons" "Confidence Women" "Tremors" "The Wrath of Rama Khan" "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One" "The Bottle Episode" "Back from the Future: Part One" "Back from the Future: Part Two" "It's a Super Life" "The Bodyguard" "Reality Bytes" "Alex in Wonderland" "Deus Lex Machina" "The Missing Link" "Immortal Kombat"

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