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    ATOM Exosuit (Earth-Prime)

    ATOM Exosuit, or simply known as Atom Suit,[1] is an exosuit used by Ray Palmer's vigilantism.

    History[edit source]

    The Atom[edit source]

    At some point, Ray Palmer created the ATOM Exosuit and became Atom, fighting alongside Oliver Queen's Team Arrow.[2]

    Making History[edit source]

    Palmer and the heroes of Earth

    Over the years as a member of the Legends of Tomorrow, Palmer fought against multiple adversaries with the exosuit, including The Leviathan, Vandal Savage, the Legion of Doom, Mallus and even the demon Neron. The Legends also fought alongside other heroes of Earth against dangerous threats, including the Dominators and Nazi Clones.[2][3]

    Crisis on Infinite Earths[edit source]

    Beebo rampages in Star City

    During Sargon the Sorcerer's release of a gigantic Beebo, Palmer suited up as the Atom and fought alongside The Flash, Supergirl, Heat Wave and Batwoman. Palmer attempted to take a reading on the Beebo's physiology, only to realize that it was not made up of any element on the Periodic Table. White Canary and Heat Wave then came to conclusion that it was merely a distraction with the involvement of magic, with the take down of Sargon resulting in the destruction of the Beebo.[4]

    Palmer later donned the suit once more, with The Flash bringing him to join the battle against the Anti-Monitor. As Supergirl attempted to rescue Superman from the Anti-Monitor's grasp, Palmer arrived midair and halted her, handing her the Shrinking Bomb after freeing Superman by shrinking his body. Supergirl then threw the bomb at the Anti-Monitor, shrinking him to the Microverse. Superman soon shouted at the both of them, hoping to catch their attention and subsequently restored to original size with Palmer's size alteration Ray.[4]

    Meet the Legends[edit source]

    While filming the Meet the Legends documentary, Palmer installed a camera on the forehead of the ATOM Exosuit, allowing the crew to capture first-person video of his experience.[5]

    Palmer utilized the suit shortly afterwards to infiltrate Grigori Rasputin's mansion, though was knocked unconscious and shrunk involuntarily. Lance later grabbed Palmer's shrunken body and threw it into Rasputin's mouth, before commanding Palmer to enlarge within Rasputin's mouth. After several attempts of a catchphrase, Palmer decided upon "size matters" and enlarged within Rasputin's body, exploding him into pieces and collecting each piece in separate glass jars.[5]

    Bachelor Party[edit source]

    When the Legends were drunk in London 1594 and started a conflict with the locals, Palmer extracted the suit from his pocket but accidentally triggered the activation button. The suit then uncontrollably flew around the room before Palmer disabled it with a voice command.[6]

    Ex-Legends Reunion[edit source]

    The ex-Legends pursuits the Necrians

    In 2021, Palmer became suspicious that Heywood and the Legends did not contact him for an abnormally long period of time. With the help of Jefferson Jackson, Palmer reassembled former members of the team and began a search for their teammates. They later approached Mick Rory, who was in possession of a Time Courier. However, they were surprised by the chaos in Rory's residence and the disappearance of his children. Palmer, donning the exosuit once more, led the ex-Legends across time in pursuit of the Necrian spacecraft leaving the residence using Palmer's advanced tracker, attempting to rescue Rory's children.[7]

    Their violent pursuit resulted in a confrontation on Necria, where Kayla faced her parents and found her children. With the situation revealed to be a misunderstanding between Kayla's family, the ex-Legends returned to Earth.[7]

    Alternate Versions[edit source]

    Doomworld[edit source]

    Atom of Doomworld

    When the Doomworld was created, Palmer's life was rewritten and the Legends attempted to travel back in time to prevent the Legion of Doom from doing it in the first place. Palmer was soon murdered when he acquired Christ's Blood, with Eobard Thawne taking his heart out of his body and destroying the exosuit.[3]

    Possible Future[edit source]

    In a possible future, Palmer fully retired from vigilantism and donated his ATOM Exosuit to the Flash Museum in 2049, where it was displayed next to the suit of Jesse Wells and Firestorm.[8]

    Magog[edit source]

    In 2049, during a reunion with the Legends, Palmer was abducted and was brought back afterwards by the Spectre to fight alongside other abducted heroes against Magog in his exosuit.[7][9]

    Erased Timeline[edit source]

    Superhero Team Up[edit source]
    Atom fights alongside The Flash

    In 2021, Palmer traveled to Central City to attend the tech convention, where he was invited as a legacy honoree. Claiming his priority now is to live a normal life with his wife, Palmer still decided to wear the ATOM Exosuit once more to assist The Flash against Despero. While Flash distracted Despero, Palmer shrunk inside his belt and teleported him away to an unknown location, temporarily stopping his attacks.[1]

    Overview[edit source]

    Functions[edit source]

    • Armor System: The exosuit contains an A.I. system in order to operate multiple functions of the suit. The system is also voice-responsive, operating under Palmer's commands and activated the suits. However, the targeting system of the photon cannons are manually used by Ray Palmer.[6]
    • Energy Blasters/Photon Cannons: The primary offensive function of the exosuit is creating blasts of compressed light beams from the forearm. The beams build up from the forearm and are manually targeted by Palmer. The beams are also powerful enough to propel opponents physically and damage solid structures.[4]
    • Flight: The exosuit contains a series of propulsion jets on the back, shoulders, arms and legs. This allowed Palmer to fly at high altitudes and maneuver obstacles in his reduced size.[4]
    • Self-Contained Life-Support System: The exosuit supplies Palmer with oxygen when he travels to a high altitude, allowing him to retain his consciousness despite the lack of oxygen.[4]
    • Size Alteration: By pushing a button on the chest, the exosuit is able to alter both Palmer and itself's size. According to himself, Palmer accidentally entered the "Atomverse" (later re-coined as the Microverse by Ryan Choi) while testing the shrinking function of the exosuit.[4]
      • Size Changing Beam: The exosuit is able to create a condensed red beam of size alteration ray, reducing the size of certain objects and restoring its size.[4]
    • Superhuman Strength: Despite the presence of photon cannons, it requires a short period of time to recharge and creates a gap for Palmer to be attacked. As a result, Palmer mostly uses the superhuman strength function of the suit to fight his opponents through hand-to-hand combats.[4]

    Appearances[edit source]

    Gallery[edit source]

    Promotional Images[edit source]

    Notes[edit source]

    • Code X-94 would deactivate the suit instantly.[6]

    References[edit source]

    Other versions of ATOM Exosuit
    Original Multiverse

    Earth: 1

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