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    Sue Dearbon (Earth-Prime)

    Assume whatever you want about me, but don't do it about my parents. They're good people.
    — Dearbon to Ralph Dibny[src]

    Sue Dearbon is the daughter of socialites Richard and Penelope Dearbon, who both own the Dearbon Corporation and formerly involuntarily worked for Black Hole. Dearbon was hellbent on bringing her parents out of the illegal activities and eventually traveled across the planet to destroy similar organizations.

    Biography[edit source]

    Early Life[edit source]

    Sue Dearbon did her senior year abroad in Italy and learned a British accent which was used to impersonate January Galore.[1]

    Associated with Black Hole[edit source]

    At some point, Sue's parents were extorted by Black Hole and the organization was blackmailing them. Dearbon later travelled around the world to Paris, Shanghai and Central City in order to investigate Joseph Carver to stop him from extorting her family.[1]

    Dearbon and Dibny[edit source]

    Tracked by Ralph Dibny[edit source]

    In 2019, a private investigator, Ralph Dibny was hired by Dearbon's parents to find their daughter.

    Dibny unknowingly crossed paths with Dearbon while infiltrating an auction with Barry Allen. He did not recognize her as she was under the guise of "January Galore".[2]

    About nine months later, Dearbon was tracked using her credit card and Dibny found her in an apartment building. As he arrived, the apartment exploded and Dearbon escaped with him back to his office. Later, Dearbon claimed she was John Loring's girlfriend, and they were "fighting" each other. As they went to Loring's warehouse, they were fought by a high number of thugs, and they were forced to escape with Dibny using his powers.[3]

    After they returned to the office, they decided to go to the CC Mercantile Bank to steal Loring's property. Dibny disguised himself as Joe West, and they got into the vault. After they got what they were looking for, Dearbon locked Dibny in the vault and escaped, only to be faced by Loring's criminal organization. As Dearbon was about to get shot, Dibny arrived in his suit through the sprinklers. Dibny protected her, and they argued until Ultraviolet defeated the organization. Later, Dibny was knocked away as Dearbon fought Ultraviolet. Eventually, Ultraviolet and Dearbon escaped when The Flash arrived.[3]

    A few weeks later, Dearbon disguised as January Galore and went to CC Mercantile Bank where she met Dibny and Cisco Ramon. Dearbon took a USB drive off the bank and escaped. Dibny soon tracked her down in an investment company and talked to her. Dearbon compromised and gave him the drive with customers with the bank's money.[1]

    Achieving her Goal[edit source]

    In mid-2020, Dibny returned to his office and met with the Dearbons. As Dibny began to apologize for being unable to find their daughter, she appeared behind them and claimed Dibny had found her. Dibny took Dearbon out and told her that the files of the Dearbons were destroyed but Dearbon did not care as Joseph Carver stopped blackmailing them.[4]

    A few hours later, Dearbon went to McCulloch Technologies as a member of Black Hole. Dearbon was spotted by Dibny who was later knocked out by the former. During the fight between the team and Eva McCulloch's assassins, Dearbon suited up and aided them. After the fight, Dearbon was wrongfully convicted as the murderer of Joseph Carver under Eva's cover up.[4]

    Dearbon then went on the run with Dibny to an undisclosed location.[5]

    Worldwide Hunt[edit source]

    Disguised as a CCPD officer, Dearbon informed Joe West that her parents that offered to track her down are Reflections.[6]

    After finding evidence to prove Dearbon innocence, Dibny called her and was caught in an explosion of McCulloch Labs and was continuously melting. Dearbon was also injured in the blast radius and brought him to S.T.A.R. Labs. They then bid farewell to Team Flash after Dibny was given a BCU to recover and left with him to fight other hidden organizations across the planet.[6]

    At some point, Dearbon and Dibny encountered a room with laser sensors, which was difficult to both of them. Eventually, they were able to complete their mission.[7] Sue later went to New Delhi twice, experienced a helicopter crash, and a deadly quinceañera before acquiring a Photonic Stun Grenade.[8]

    Back in Central City[edit source]

    Theft of the Mask[edit source]

    Ray of Light[edit source]

    Fractured Time[edit source]

    Fear of the Unknown[edit source]

    Calling in a Favor[edit source]

    Worsening Time Sickness[edit source]

    Apparitions[edit source]

    Powers and Abilities[edit source]

    Abilities[edit source]

    • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Dearbon is able to fight several expert assassins using hand-to-hand combats.[3]
    • Theft: Dearbon has been a thief for a long time and stole from Black Hole for useful information against the criminal organization.[3]
    • Dancing: Dearbon was able to use her ballet dancing skills as a method to evade laser sensors.[7]
    • Connection: As a wealthy socialite, Dearbon has connection to a lot of powerful individuals across the world.[9]

    Equipment[edit source]

    Former Equipment[edit source]

    • Catsuit: Dearbon wore a protective catsuit on his investigation on Joseph Carver.[3]
    • Black Hole Diamond: Dearbon stole a diamond from Black Hole and gave it to Dibny. The diamond was then revealed to be a map of all Black Hole stash houses across the city.[4]

    Appearances[edit source]

    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    Marathon Pictured (as January Galore)
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    A Girl Named Sue Appears
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    Grodd Friended Me Mentioned
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    So Long and Goodnight Appears
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    Success Is Assured Appears
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    All's Wells That Ends Wells Pictured
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    Mother Appears
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    Central City Strong Mentioned
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    Masquerade Appears
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    Rayo de Luz Appears
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    Armageddon, Part 1 Mentioned
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    Phantoms Appears
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    Reckless Appears
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    Resurrection Appears
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    Death Rises Appears
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    Death Falls Appears
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    Funeral for a Friend Appears
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    Into the Still Force Flashback
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    Keep It Dark Mentioned
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    Wednesday Ever After Pictured
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    Wildest Dreams Pictured (Flashback)
    The Flash (2014 TV Series) Logo.png
    A New World, Part 2: The Blues Name Seen

    Gallery[edit source]

    Promotional Images[edit source]

    References[edit source]

    Other versions of Sue Dearbon
    Original Multiverse

    Earth: 1

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