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    Ryan Choi (Earth-Prime)

    For other uses of Atom, see Atom (Disambiguation).

    This new Earth isn't square one. It's what Oliver gave up his life to create. We have to protect it.
    — Ryan Choi to Sara Lance[src]

    Ryan Choi is a renowned scientist and the Paragon of Humanity.

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    Biography[edit source]

    Crisis on Infinite Earths[edit source]

    Alternate Versions[edit source]

    Reverse Flashpoint[edit source]

    Possible Future[edit source]

    Magog[edit source]

    Powers and Abilities[edit source]

    Powers[edit source]

    Possible Future Powers[edit source]

    • Atom Bracelet Capabilities: Choi is extremely skilled in the use of the Atom Bracelet, an advanced gauntlet based on the designs of the late Ray Palmer's ATOM Exosuit.[1]
      • Size Changing Beam: The bracelet is able to create a condensed red beam of size alteration Palmer, reducing/increasing the size of certain objects and restore its size.[1]

    Abilities[edit source]

    • Genius-level Intellect: Choi is a renowned scientist in Ivy Town and was able to understand complex concepts on the field of physics and engineering.[2]
      • Physics: Choi was able to understand Ray Palmer's advanced theories and concepts on the Microverse.[2]
      • Engineering: Choi, Palmer and Nash Wells are able to create the Shrinking Bomb, a powerful device capable of sending people shrinking into the Microverse for eternity.[2]

    Equipment[edit source]

    Possible Future Equipment[edit source]

    • Atom Suit: In the Reverse Flashpoint, Choi took over the mantle of Atom from the late Ray Palmer and wore an advanced red and blue protective suit as a member of Team Flash.[1]

    Appearances[edit source]

    Gallery[edit source]

    References[edit source]

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