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    Ralph Dibny, Private Investigator (Earth-Prime)

    Ralph Dibny, Private Investigator was a detective agency founded and owned by Ralph Dibny.

    History[edit source]

    Search for Sue Dearbon[edit source]

    On May 20, 2019, Ralph Dibny was hired by Richard and Penelope Dearbon in search for their daughter, Sue Dearbon. For the next 274 days, Dibny searched for her through multiple leads on her including a dead end from Remington Meister from Midway City. Unbeknownst to Dibny, Sue disguised herself as a "January Galore" and was actually present in Midway City as well as communicating with Dibny.[1]

    Dibny soon returned to Central City months later and found Dearbon before an explosion occurred. He was manipulated into assisting Dearbon's thefts before revealing his identity as the Elongated Man.[1] Dibny soon found Dearbon afterwards with the help of Cisco Ramon and was unable to capture her.[2] Dibny wanted to give up and told the Dearbons that he was unable to find her, only for her to reappear and the search came to an end.[3]

    Despite Dearbon returned, Dibny deduced her connection with Black Hole and worked together to destroy the remaining resources of the organization, soon leaving Central City to destroy other similar organizations across the world.[4]

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