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    Magpie! The name is Magpie!
    — Margot to Tommy Elliot[src]

    Margot is the professional criminal known as Magpie and a former patient at Arkham Asylum.

    Biography[edit source]

    Early Life[edit source]

    Margot was born in Gotham City to an unnamed mother and was raised in poverty alongside her sister, Reagan. Growing up, she eventually became a professional thief, adopting the alias of Magpie and recruiting her sister to scope out events where expensive objects would be present.[1]

    Arkham Asylum[edit source]

    In 2019, Magpie fought Batwoman in an encounter that involved explosives.[2] Following this incident, she was arrested and incarcerated in Arkham Asylum. During a therapy session with Dr. M. Butler, she stared out of the window until being called a bird by Tommy Elliot, responding incredulously that she was a Magpie.[3]

    Working for Alice[edit source]

    Some time later, Margot was released from Arkham Asylum by Alice in exchange for retrieving Lucius Fox's journal, but not before a tracking chip was implanted in her neck. Arriving at the Lookout, Magpie waited for Johnny Sabatino's office to be clear to enter the room, breaking into his vault and successfully acquiring the journal.

    Returning to the Lookout's rooftop, Magpie attempted to leave but was confronted by Batwoman, and the two began to fight for possession of the journal. Knowing that she was about to be defeated, Magpie threw the journal off the roof and escaped as Batwoman went to retrieve it.

    The next morning, Margot asked her sister to spend the night with Kate Kane in order to obtain the journal. After doing so, the pair met up and Reagan gave her the journal, stating that their partnership was over as she had developed feelings for Kane. Margot then went back to Arkham Asylum and gave the journal to Alice, who in turn removed her tracking chip.[1] She then left and went into hiding.[4]

    Powers and Abilities[edit source]

    Abilities[edit source]

    • High-Level Intellect: Margot is an exceptionally intelligent individual who can easily formulate plans to steal various items.[1]
      • Explosives: Margot is proficient in the use of explosives.[2]
      • Thievery: Margot is an expert thief and as such is able to break into buildings undetected, as shown when stealing Lucius Fox's journal.[1]
    • Peak Physical Condition: Margot is in peak physical condition due to her criminal activities and is therefore able to fight well-trained opponents such as Batwoman.[1]
      • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Margot is a capable combatant and as such is able to competently fight well-trained opponents.[1]
      • Honed Senses: Margot's senses are heightened to the extent that she was able to identify who was behind her without even looking.[3]

    Equipment[edit source]

    Current Equipment[edit source]

    • Magpie Suit: Margot wears a black costume whilst operating as Magpie.[1]
    • Explosives: Margot used explosives during an altercation with Batwoman.[2]
    • Zip Line: Margot uses a zip line to infiltrate buildings from their ceilings.[1]

    Appearances[edit source]

    Batwoman Logo.png
    A Narrow Escape Appears
    Batwoman Logo.png
    If You Believe in Me, I'll Believe in You Appears
    Batwoman Logo.png
    Kane, Kate Mentioned
    Batwoman Logo.png
    A Lesson from Professor Pyg Indirectly Mentioned

    Gallery[edit source]

    References[edit source]

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