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    Lena Luthor (Earth-Prime)

    Try and cope with the mistakes of the past and...appreciate that we have friends who still believe in us.
    — Luthor to Brainy[src]

    Lena Luthor is the former owner of CatCo and a high-ranking employee of Luthor Corp. Luthor is also the daughter of Lionel Luthor and Elizabeth Walsh, and the half-sister of Lex Luthor.

    After realizing her Project Non Nocere is impossible to work, she betrayed her villainous brother and rejoined the Super Friends.

    Biography[edit source]

    Early Life[edit source]

    Luthor was born as a member of the Luthor family despite she was not given birth by Lillian Luthor. As she grew up, she worked alongside her heroic brother and became a high-ranking employee of Luthor Corp.[2]

    At a young age, Luthor was taught about Kelpie, a mythical liquid creature that grabs people underwater and murder them, by her mother. Coincidentally, her mother died due to drowning in water. Luthor was then guilted by the fact that she could not help her.[3]

    The Luthor Name[edit source]

    After Luthor became the high-ranking employee of Luthor Corp, she was part of the promotion of the DEO (a subsidiary of Luthor Corp) and worked alongside Supergirl.[2]

    Working with Supergirl[edit source]

    In 2016, Luthor met Kara Danvers for the first time. They then started a relationship without knowing Kara's identity as Supergirl. Throughout the years, Luthor was attacked by enemies multiple times and was rescued by Supergirl every time.[1]

    In mid-2018, Luthor worked with the Legion against Reign.[1]

    In 2018, Luthor was attacked by enemies and was rescued by Kara, who concealed her identity next to her. Later that year, Luthor was approached by the team and protected Kara from the Kryptonite atmosphere.[1]

    Broken Friendship[edit source]

    Lex's Offer[edit source]

    After the Crisis, Lex, Supergirl and the rest of the Paragons retained their Pre-Crisis consciousness. Due to a deal between Lex's Pre-Crisis counterpart and The Monitor, Luthor survived the Crisis and retained her memories.[2][4]

    Luthor then worked with Lex in agreement, and went to befriend Andrea Rojas in order to acquire information on Leviathan for Lex. Luthor later apologized to Andrea over her actions 10 years ago. However, she was disappointed over how they never made contact.[5] She also attempted to gain possession of the latest lenses from Obsidian North and failed. With her brother later meeting with Andrea's boss, reaching their goal.[6]

    Project Non Nocere[edit source]

    At some point during the week, Luthor went to Gotham City and was spotted by a CatCo reporter. The story was then posted on CatCo Magazine.[7]

    Breakout at Stryker's Island[edit source]

    Now working with Lex on Project Non Nocere, they went to Stryker's Island and experimented on the inmates. During the experiment, it caused former aggressive inmates to retain a peaceful attitude except for Steve Lomeli due to his regular peaceful attitude being the goal of the experiment. However, not being mentally affected by the experiment caused Lomeli to experience tremendous physical pain. Luthor then reverse engineered the experiment, freeing Lomeli from the pain as well as from being bullied in the prison.[8]

    With the experiment resulting in a fluctuating result, Luthor started to doubt her choices and had a mild argument with Lex. Later resulting in her continuing the experiment, while fixing all flaws in the project.[8]

    A few weeks later, Lex and Luthor experimented on the inmates once more, with this time causing a prison riot. Lex then proposed to have more control over the subjects, the opposite of the project. Luthor then had a fallout with Lex, soon leaving his side.[9]

    Apologies and Regrets[edit source]

    Now knowing her decision of working with Lex was a mistake, Luthor went to Kara's loft and reconciled with her.[9] During their talk, Kara messaged the Super Friends, bringing them to kick down the door and defended Kara. Kara then explained what Luthor knows and how she has turned her allegiances. As Rama Khan stole a large amount of Kryptonite, Luthor volunteered to build a Kryptosuit for Kara, and went to Luthor Corp headquarters with her.[10]

    Luthor and Kara then talked about how the latter hid her secret identity to protect the former. As they talked, Kara received a signal from William and went to rescue him with Luthor. Only to find him being shot by Eve Tessmacher. Luthor then knocked Eve unconscious, later telling William that Kara is safe in order to protect her identity when William asked the question. As Leviathan attacks, Luthor, William and Eve fled, sending the Kryptosuit to the location.[10]

    Luthor defending Kara

    Fled back to Luthor Corp HQ, Luthor was informed that the Obsidian Worldwide Unity Festival was the beginning of the end. Luthor then convinced Kara to enter the platform and send a message to those trapped in it in order to rescue them. During the process, Acrata attacked with a Kryptonite shard and Luthor was able to identify her as Andrea. Luthor successfully convince Andrea to dissuade her from hurting Kara.[10]

    As Eve Tessmacher reunited with her mother, Luthor talked to Kara about her attitude over the last few months and agreed to work with each other against Lex Luthor.[10]

    Phantoms[edit source]

    Operation Vengeance[edit source]

    He's a maniac.This is just sport to him. It's just another way to beat me. I hate him. So much. I hate his face. I hate his voice. I hate his suits, I hate his never-ending games of depravity. I wish he would just die. I wish we could kill him.
    — Luthor[src]

    Leaving Luthor Corp[edit source]

    Facing Fears[edit source]

    Welcome Back, Kara[edit source]

    Magic[edit source]

    Origins of Lena Luthor[edit source]

    Magic is Science?[edit source]

    Humanity[edit source]

    Understanding Magic[edit source]

    Nightmares in National City[edit source]

    Aggressive Feelings[edit source]

    Truth or Consequences[edit source]

    Finding Esme[edit source]

    History Books[edit source]

    The Next Adventures[edit source]

    The Lena Luthor Foundation[edit source]

    Flesh and Mud[edit source]

    Alternate Timeline[edit source]

    In one of the timelines created by Mxyzptlk, Luthor was severely injured in one of the battles and was restored as Metallo by her mother using Cadmus resources. Luthor was then able to fight Kara from the original timeline and defeat her, only to be reversed when Mxyzptlk erased the timeline.[1]

    Powers and Abilities[edit source]

    Powers[edit source]

    • Magic: Inheriting the gifts of her mother, Luthor can activate mystical artifacts using a drop of her blood.[11]
      • Pyrokinesis: Luthor was able to start a small flame and cause a fire on Florence Abbott's sleeves.[12]
      • Disorientation: One of the failed attempts to cast Invenire Res Amissa resulted in Luthor disorienting Nia, causing the latter to lose her sense of directions.[13]
      • Tracking: Luthor was able to use the discharged energy from the Humanity Totem to track the totem itself.[13]
      • Energy Amplifying: Another failed attempt resulted in the opposite of the Homing Spell, amplifying the magic in the Humanity Spell.[13]
      • Replication: Luthor was able to mimic the energy signature of the Love Totem, creating a replica to trick Nyxly.[14]
      • Energy Suppression: Luthor has the ability to briefly suppress the magic in the AllStone Totems, briefly depowering Nyxly.[14]
      • Protection Spell: Luthor was shown to be able to cast a strong protection spell to protect Kara from the side effects of the Humanity Totem.[14]
      • Aerokinesis: Luthor has the ability to cast a spell and create a small tornado against her opponents.[15]
      • Defense Mechanisms Removal: Supposedly "melting" people's defenses, the spell is capable to open people's minds from the lack of concepts caused by the use of the AllStone.[16]
      • Banishment: Luthor was able to create a strong wall of water and banish the Nightmare Monster back to the Dreaming, preventing it from attacking her.[16]
      • Mind Control: Luthor has the ability to give a verbal command to others and stop their movement instantly.[17]

    Alternate Timeline Powers[edit source]

    • Cyborg Physiology: Body restored by Cadmus resources after severe injuries during a battle, Luthor was built by her mother as Metallo.[1]
      • Enhanced Strength: Luthor was able to easily fight Kara.[1]
      • Kryptonite Blast: Powered by a Kryptonite shard, Luthor is able to shoot green energy blasts from her cybernetic enhancements.[1]
      • Enhanced Durability: Despite being hit with Kara's super strength, Luthor survived with no injuries.[1]
      • Enhanced Stamina: Luthor requires a lot of energy to power her cyborg body. However, she is able to retain her strength after a long fight.[1]

    Abilities[edit source]

    • Genius-level Intellect: Luthor created Project Non Nocere, an experiment on human brains.[8]
      • Business Acumen: Luthor was capable of leading Luthor Corp to success with Lex Luthor.
      • Engineering: Luthor is able to build the Kryptosuit with her Pre-Crisis counterpart's knowledge.
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat: In multiple occasions, Luthor was shown to use her combat skills to protect herself from attacks.
    • Marksmanship: Luthor is familiar with basic firearms.[15]

    Weaknesses[edit source]

    Alternate Timeline Weaknesses[edit source]

    • Heat Vision: When hit with Heat Vision, Lena's Kryptonite core cannot power her body effectively.[1]

    Equipment[edit source]

    Current Equipment[edit source]

    Former Equipment[edit source]

    Alternate Timeline Equipment[edit source]

    • H.O.P.E. Robots: Luthor utilizes a series of robots to maintain her rules in the alternate dystopian timeline.[1]
    • Kryptonite Core: Lena's body was restored with Cadmus resources and Kryptonite core.[1]

    Appearances[edit source]

    Gallery[edit source]

    Promotional Images[edit source]

    References[edit source]

    Other versions of Lena Luthor
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