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    Legion of Super-Heroes (Earth-38: Pre-Crisis)

    The Legion, also known as the Legion of Super-Heroes is a vigilante team active in the 31st century.

    History[edit source]

    After being sucked into a Disruption, Mon-El arrived in the 31st century and was given a cure to protect himself from the atmosphere of Earth which is covered by lead. Later, he founded the Legion and lead the team to protect the world from any kind of threats in order to make a difference to the conflicts caused by Blight in the 21st century.[1]

    Seven years later, the Legion went into a mission and entered a wormhole to 12,000 years ago. Mon-El chose to cryo-freeze the Legionnaires including himself in the cruiser until they awake in the 31st century. However, the cruiser was hit by a torpedo in 2017 and awoke Mon-El. The Super Friends then went to investigate and worked with the Legion to prevent Blight's attack in the distant future.[1][2]

    By mid-2018, the Legion and the Super Friends won the war against the Worldkillers and changed the timeline. However, the prevention of the attack caused Querl Dox's distant relative who wanted to eliminate all A.I.s, from being killed. Querl chose to remain behind in the present and Winn Schott took his place on the team.[3]

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    Other versions of Legion of Super-Heroes
    New Multiverse

    Earth: Prime

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