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    Kamilla Hwang (Earth-Prime)

    Kamilla Hwang was a photographer at Central City Citizen and a member of Team Citizen.

    Biography[edit source]

    As of 2019, Kamilla is a bartender at Liquid Kitty. Later, she left and started a relationship with Cisco Ramon. Eventually, Cisco told Kamilla about his former identity as Vibe. At some point, Cisco started giving Kamilla his shirt which was given from Cisco's parents.[1]

    Investigating Black Hole[edit source]

    In 2020, Kamilla and the Citizen pursued on exposing Black Hole to the world. However, they nearly got assassinated by Doctor Light. Kamilla, Allegra and Cecile escaped through Nash Wells' tunnels and returned to S.T.A.R. Labs safely.[2]

    Member of Team Flash[edit source]

    When Barry tried to fight Pied Piper, he communicated with S.T.A.R. Labs and Kamilla answered. Kamilla later told Barry that Chester P. Runk is present as well. When Barry returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, Chester accidentally discovered Barry's identity as The Flash, and they tried to help him on fixing Gideon. However, Barry told them to go away as they are not team members, and he wanted to see some familiar faces after Crisis. Kamilla walked up to Barry and told him that she understands his feelings after all he has been through.[3]

    Trapped in the Mirrorverse[edit source]

    After Kamilla discovered Iris is a Reflection, Iris used the Mirror Gun and sent her to the Mirrorverse.[4]

    Eventually, the real Iris found Kamilla in S.T.A.R. Labs and tried to escape.[1] However, Iris disappeared in a refraction of light, leaving Kamilla in there.[5]

    After Eva's realization of what she had done, she released all people that were trapped in the Mirrorverse.[6]

    Leaving Central City[edit source]

    Goodbye Selfie

    Hwang leaves with Cisco.

    Powers and Abilities[edit source]

    Abilities[edit source]

    • Photography: Kamilla is a skilled photographer and was the photographer of Central City Citizen.

    Equipment[edit source]

    Current Equipment[edit source]

    Appearances[edit source]

    Gallery[edit source]

    References[edit source]

    Other versions of Kamilla Hwang
    New Multiverse

    Earth: Mirrorverse

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