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    Jason Todd (Earth-9: Post-Crisis)

    For other uses of Robin, see Robin (Disambiguation).

    That's the coolest part about being Robin. Wearin' a mask. I can do whatever the fuck I want.
    — Jason Todd[src]

    Jason Todd is a former street criminal who succeeded the mantle of Robin from Dick Grayson, being the second sidekick of Batman. Todd later operated as Red Hood after his death under the hands of the Joker and his subsequent resurrection. While he initially returned as a terrorist and enemy of the Titans under Scarecrow's manipulation, Todd soon had a change of heart and chose the right side of the law, returning to old ways as a vigilante and a hero of Gotham City.

    Biography[edit source]

    Early Life[edit source]

    Becoming Robin[edit source]

    Sent to Dick Grayson[edit source]

    Joining the Titans[edit source]

    Deathstroke[edit source]

    Arrogance[edit source]

    Kidnapped[edit source]

    Leaving San Francisco[edit source]

    Fear and Lazarus[edit source]

    Red Hood[edit source]

    Hostage Situation[edit source]

    Crossing a Line[edit source]

    The Trap[edit source]

    Fearless[edit source]

    Expandable[edit source]

    Home[edit source]

    Red Hood: Hero of Gotham[edit source]

    City of Carnage[edit source]

    Change of Heart[edit source]

    Not a Titan[edit source]

    Beginning of the End[edit source]

    Welcome to the Wild Side[edit source]

    Powers and Abilities[edit source]

    Abilities[edit source]

    • Peak of Human Physical Condition: Todd was trained by Bruce Wayne, allowing him to have tremendous speed, agility, stamina and reflexes.[2]
      • Acrobatics: Todd is able to execute parkour easily and developed free-running skills. He is also able to fight multiple opponents and dodge attacks easily while maintaining his balance.[2]
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Todd was trained with hand-to-hand combat skills, allowing him to outmatch multiple police officers easily.[2]
    • High-level Intellect: After leaving the Titans, Todd started studying chemistry and was able to understand it easily.[6]
    • Marksmanship: Todd is proficient in using firearms and projectile weapons.[1]

    Equipment[edit source]

    Current Equipment[edit source]

    • Fear Antidote: Using a formula from Jonathan Crane, Todd was able to create an antidote to fear, giving him the bravery required to operate as Red Hood.[3]
    • Red Hood Suit: Todd wore a red helmet and protective gear as Red Hood.[1]
    • Grappling Gun: Todd used a grappling gun in order to intimidate the crime lords of Gotham.[1]

    Former Equipment[edit source]

    So, what do you think of the new suit? Upgrades are pretty sick, right? The new tunic is made with Zylon fibers, six times stronger than Kevlar. Seriously, bro, you can hit me with a flamethrower from ten feet, and I'd be like, "That's all you got?"
    — Jason Todd to Dick Grayson[src]
    • Robin Briefcase: Todd's Robin suit and gadgets are placed in a suitcase.[2]
      • Robin Suit: Todd was given an upgraded Robin suit prior to operating as a vigilante.[2]
        • Utility Belt: The suit includes a utility belt which stores multiple gadgets.[2]
          • Birdarangs: As Robin, Todd uses a boomerang in the shape of the letter "R" as a projectile weapon.[2]
          • Smoke Bombs: Todd uses multiple smoke bombs to conceal his arrivals.[2]
    • Motorcycle: To travel across the city, Todd used to ride on a motorcycle. However, he later gifted it to Tim Drake.[8]

    Appearances[edit source]

    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Together Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Jason Todd Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Hank and Dawn Mentioned
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    Dick Grayson Dream
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    Trigon Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Rose Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Ghosts Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Deathstroke Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Conner Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Bruce Wayne Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Atonement Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    E.L._.O. Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Nightwing Appears
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Logo.png
    Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Barbara Gordon Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Red Hood Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Hank & Dove Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Blackfire Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Lazarus Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Lady Vic Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    51% Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Home Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Souls Mentioned
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    Troubled Water Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    The Call Is Coming from Inside the House Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Prodigal Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Purple Rain Appears
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Mother Mayhem Mentioned
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Dick & Carol & Ted & Kory Flashback
    Titans (TV Series) Logo.png
    Project Starfire Appears

    Gallery[edit source]

    Promotional Images[edit source]

    References[edit source]

    Other versions of Jason Todd
    New Multiverse

    Earth: 1  Prime
    Original Multiverse

    Earth: 9

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