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    Hall of Justice (Earth-Prime)

    This is an old S.T.A.R. Labs research facility that nobody uses. And what's even better, no one knows it exists.

    The Hall of Justice is a former S.T.A.R Labs research facility and the headquarters of the Justice League.

    History[edit source]

    Early History[edit source]

    At some point, the hangar became the property of S.T.A.R Labs who used it as a research facility. It was eventually abandoned, and a creature called Gleek was left inside a cage. When Eobard Thawne died, the facility was left to Barry Allen in his will.

    The President of the United States, Susan Brayden, later gave a speech inside the facility to a group of vigilantes.[1]

    Formation of a Team[edit source]

    In January 2020, the Justice League was formed by The Flash inside the facility consisting of him, Batwoman, Black Lightning, Martian Manhunter, Supergirl, Superman and White Canary. He chose this facility to be their headquarters as it was unused and no one else knew of its existence.[1]

    Inspiration and Membership[edit source]

    The facility later became the inspiration for J'onn J'onzz to create Tower as a base of operations for the Super Friends.[2]

    At some point afterwards, the hangar was officially named the Hall of Justice and Nate Heywood applied for a seat at the table, although he did not receive a response.[3]

    Armageddon[edit source]

    In November 2021, Barry travelled to the Hall of Justice to meet Jefferson Pierce and asked for his help in the fight against Despero.[4]

    Residents[edit source]

    Former Residents[edit source]

    Users[edit source]

    Current Users[edit source]

    Former Users[edit source]

    Appearances[edit source]

    Gallery[edit source]

    References[edit source]

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