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    Godspeed War (Earth-Prime)

    Once upon a time, there was a young physicist named August who dreamed of moving faster than light, so he developed a way to achieve his goal and created the Velocity formula. But it wasn't enough because no matter how fast he ran, he soon came to realize one salient fact: that he'd never be fast enough.

    The Godspeed War[1] was initially a series of attacks orchestrated by August Heart in order to replace his artificial speed. However, it was later revealed that his travel back in time to 2021 resulted in a fraction in his mind as well as the creation of a series of Godspeed clones. While Heart struggled with his mind, the clones diverged into two fraction: one that aimed to steal Barry Allen's speed, and one that aimed to hunt and kill August Heart. The attacks soon led to a four-sided conflict and resulted in the incarceration of Heart. The clones were also absorbed back into Heart's body prior to his arrest.

    History[edit source]

    Background[edit source]

    In 2049, August Heart artificially gained his connection to the Speed Force through the use of the Velocity Serums created by himself. However, he realized that he will never be fast enough and began to search for organic speed, allowing him to possess exceptional abilities without the need of taking the serums. He soon came to conflict with Impulse and XS, later becoming the former's archenemy. The three encountered each other for countless times before Heart murdered Jay Garrick and travelling back to 2021.[2]

    Fractured[edit source]

    As a side effect of time travel, Heart lost his memories and a series of Godspeed clones were created, who later diverged into two fraction: one that aimed to steal Barry Allen's speed in 2021, and one that aimed to hunt and kill August Heart.[3] The former fraction interacted Team Flash for 4 times between 2019 and 2020, with each revealed to be unable to speak and incarcerated in Iron Heights Penitentiary.[4]

    Attack and Defeat[edit source]

    In May 2020, the fifth Godspeed clone attacked S.T.A.R. Labs and demanded Barry Allen to handover his organic speed for its creator. Unfortunately, Barry was slowly losing speed due to the death of the Speed Force and struggled to defend himself from Godspeed. Pied Piper soon arrived and rescued him from falling to his death, combining their abilities to create an explosion that could defeat Godspeed. They then discovered that Godspeed's blood was in fact "charged sound", which could benefit their efforts to restore Roderick Smith's unstable physiology.[4]

    Godspeed Civil War[edit source]

    Heart's Restoration[edit source]

    Aftermath[edit source]

    Appearances[edit source]

    References[edit source]

    Original Multiverse
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    New Multiverse
    Crisis on Infinite Earths
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    War on Superman (2020)

    Other versions of Godspeed War
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