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    Elizabeth "Beth" Kane was a doppelgänger of Alice that was stranded on Earth-Prime.

    Biography[edit source]

    Early Life[edit source]

    At some point, during her childhood, they were a car accident in which her sister saved her but from the crash but her mother didn't. This would cause her to see her sister like a true hero. At some point, she studied astrophysics and earned a master's degree in astrophysics. At some point, she wrote 300 pages dissertation on theoretical extra-galactic astrophysics and cosmology.[1]

    Stranded on Earth-Prime[edit source]

    Due to the Crisis, multiple Earth merged and died causing some few anomalies that caused Beth to arrive on Earth-Prime without noticing the change of universe.[2] When her sisters' doppelgänger arrived, she mistook her for her actual sister and wished her a happy birthday. Kate attacked her and asked who she was, but she used a pepper spray to escape. Later, she would go to the Gotham University but was surprised to see that nobody recognize her and was noticed by Mary Hamilton. Later, in a park, she would meet Kate again who recognized her as a sane doppelgänger of her sister and bring her back to the Wayne tower. Due to the fact that she studied astrophysics, she wasn't surprised to learn the existence of the Multiverse and understood in what situation she is in. Later, when Kate is kidnapped by Mouse, she tried to find a plan with Luke that involve disguising herself as Alice. She and Mary would later practice the role of Alice after putting on the makeup. During the deal Beth is able to fool Mouse for a little but their own code language fails her. Mouse pulls Beth's wig off and just as Beth is caught, Kate broke free from the car and begins to battle. Beth would be locked in the car with the other hostages and the car would be put on fire and Mouse escape. Kate would be able to save her before the car explode. Later, they would celebrate the birthday, but she felt an incredible amount of pane due to her presence on this Earth.[1]

    When the Crows were tasked to execute Alice on sight, Mary and Luke tried to make her evacuate the City, but they failed to pass the checkpoints and Batwoman save them. Once back in the Wayne Tower, they learn that she and Alice has seven hours left to live. Alice would enter the tower and attack Beth when she learned that her Kate manage to save her but left her injured. When the crows broke into the building, she was brought to the Batcave and learn that on this Earth, Kate is Batwoman. When Mary came up with a cure that will save them both, Kate used the cure on Beth to assure her survival, but she was shot by a sniper.[3]

    A day later, Jacob Kane went to identify his daughter at the morgue.[4]

    Appearances[edit source]

    Gallery[edit source]

    References[edit source]

    Other versions of Beth Kane
    New Multiverse

    Earth: Prime

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